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MadMehOut2014 May 28, 2013

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    hey there guys I have post a last thread of this with halo 4 mod must visit my youtube channel goto my video called halo 4 mod you will see it there I have made the video best as I could please help me by giving me credit and making me more out there with the community as I said last time I can help back when boy/girls help me by making my goals come true I can make your goals come true not just true but true as in I will do it for you I buy you 3 mounth live/points only but on one stable straight no scamming me and running away from helping me/others aswell anyway here my link to my youtube channel check out the mod or other video if you interested and take out your bit of time and sub to Me like my videos aswell leave me a comment aswell need help inbox me on youtube or flick me a message on this site by inbox me here anyway no further Do Here The Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/GangyourGame/videos Subscribe Like Comment Enjoy Have a Fantastic day bye thanks for readtng this post just tell me if you need help im here for myself and everyone. :):( :)

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