Halo 4- 343 Say Its Evolved, But Its Still Halo

Bullet Mar 31, 2012

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    Halo 4 is the start of a new trilogy for Microsoft's premier Xbox franchise, not only that but it comes with a new development team. Changes such as Spartan loadout customizations have some fans voicing a little nervousness which Frank O'Connor from 343 Industries tried to calm down on Thursday.
    In response to a fan expressing nervousness on the NeoGAF forums over news that players will be able to customize loadouts via a progression system that will enhance gameplay, O'Conner tried to explain how Halo 4 has to evolve from previous games in the series and while still feeling like a Halo game.
    "People are nervous about any change," O'Conner posted. "It's one of the inherent tensions in making a sequel - and that terror sometimes impedes evolution or improvement. Of course, it sometimes prevents catastrophic change.
    "The game needs to move forward to stay healthy and it needs to change to evolve. There are two things that you should bear in mind when thinking about that, if you're conservative and calmness is all that's required. One, is that the game is customizable enough to reduce additions back to a ground level, but two and more importantly, the changes are not simply being slapped on willy nilly. They're carefully thought out, considered and balanced. And ones that don't pass muster, you will never get to try.

    "I can tell you bluntly that it 'feels' 100% like Halo, without a shadow of a doubt. It's an evolution, not a reset or a reimagining. There will be loads of new stuff to learn, get used to or reject, as with any Halo sequel, but it won't feel alien (except, you know, the alien bits)."

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