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Nasyr May 10, 2015

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    H1Z1, the apocalyptic zombie over take game that has been popular and still is to this day. As they continue to grow they like to expand further. In this instance, it would entail the addition of the Steam Marketplace. You will now be able to view, see, or buy items within the Steam Marketplace. It now has full functionality in a total 360 of the game. Allowing for a smoother look and feel of the game when you're playing it. No more long waiting or excessive instructions or responsibilities upon wanting to do any tasks you want to. The leaves you with the new and improved ultimate Steam Engine.

    As for also taking over this game would be the recently released update. This update fixes many issues with characters, especially the female character. Essentially giving her more details instead of a unrealistic feel as to what many would of said it looks like before. The update also fixes many quality flaws the game had overall. Even things that you would use. There were many items that did not work or had not been fully developed for use in any type of situation. This is where the game has picked up and they really hope that everyone that plays the game is further impressed for now what they have do with there time now.​

    The updates that rolled out were:
    • Players are stuck at the loading screen
    • Losing shotgun shells
    • Locked up bow/weapon
    • NPCs damage
    • Can't poduce blackberry juice with dirty water
    • Vehicles playing water sounds when driving out of water
    • Demolition hammer and repair hammer
    • H1Z1 Crate drops in Battle Royale and Survival
    • Plated and wooden Armor
    • Restoring master volume to be set to the master music volume
    • Restricted from building in the out of bounds area
    • Slowed by water
    • Female breasts when crouch
    • Replace some doors after destruction
    • Coffee replenishes
    • Bears and wolves attacks
    • Reduced the fuse time on flash bangs
    • Duration of the flash bang
    • Added a "Battle Royale" pag
    • Disabled the recipe for "Metal Shed"
    • Vehicle occupants follow the first person only rule
    • The Pleasant Valley Area map
    • Players now start in 'active' weapon stance
    • Several damage sources
    • Hitch when dying
    • Jittery camera
    • Door collision
    • IED damage
    • .308 bullet damage
    • Male and Female pants
    • Breathing sounds only play while sprinting when stamina is below 60%.
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