H1Z1: Don't Get Caught Out In The Cold,Tempretures,Air drops,Fishing and more

Bullet Apr 23, 2014

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    H1Z1 is a new zombie MMO by Sony Online Entertainment ( as if you didn't know that already right?) which is going to appeal to hardcore gamers, John Smedley H1Z1: SOE president doesn't want 'Carebears' in this game and the whole game is being built with that in mind.


    Smedley wants this Zombie Apocalypse game to be all about survival and is making damned sure that that isn't going to be easy! As if fighting off zombie hordes whilst searching for food or weapons wasn't hard enough, there are other elements in H1Z1 to factor in such as the temperature which will be a key factor. H1Z1 is shaping up to be a game of many layers and that is exactly what you will need if you want to survive the cold.

    "We will have temperature matter in this game, so although in theory they do provide warmth that’s an incidental thing, not what we’re selling. All the clothes in the game you can just find do the same thing.

    The idea is to make temperature matter. If it gets cold at night you need to keep warm and either find shelter or start a fire. Which is noticeable" says Smedley via Reddit.

    Smedley has also revealed that he wants to see players catching their own food to eat in the short term, and in the long term, growing and protecting their own crops, not only that but there is talk of introducing fishing into the game as well as care packages.

    "An idea was discussed internally yesterday that we really like. It’s simple – We will allow players to purchase Air Drops of care packages like food, water. Before you judge – it goes to a random location and is obvious to everyone in the area. Think of it like buying surprises for people in the game that if you’re lucky you can try and get yourselves." he says

    "However, our real goal here is along the lines of The Hunger Games. A mad rush for supplies followed by a tense standoff. Basically think of it as instant chaos."

    One thing that was made quite clear however is that there will not be any weapons in care packages, so this would not become a 'Pay to win' situation.

    You can get early access in May and it will cost $19.99
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