Preview Guardians of Middle-earth Trailer Introduces Ori and Agandaur into the Fray

Rocky Nov 2, 2012

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    Another two characters have been added to the roster for Monolith's Tolkien MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), with Ori and Agandaur joining the fight in Guardians of Middle-earth, the game that pits The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings' good and evil factions against one another in battle.

    Ori is a Dwarf, an Enchanter class hero, remote kinsman to Thorin Oakenshield and a master of ancient and arcane lore. Sporting a grey hood, Ori is a renowned Dwarven scribe that can also wield a battle axe or hammer with the best of them. He's never without his scrolls and books though, apparently.

    Agandaur meanwhile is one of Sauron's closest lieutenants and a Black Numenorean. Spreading destruction at the behest of the Dark Lord, Agandaur the Witch-King has his seat of power in the North of Middle-earth, where he rules through fear and pain. Agandaur is also an Enchanter class who can conjure bolts of lightning.

    Check out the trailer to see Ori and Agandaur in Guardians of Middle-earth, which is out on XBLA on December 4th for 1200 Microsoft Points. You'll also be able to purchase the game from selected North American retailers for $29.99, with the Season Pass promising extensive additional content, included in the box with a download voucher for the game.

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