GTA V: 5 Ways Animals Will Improve The Grand Theft Auto Experience

CorruptXp May 16, 2013

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    Grand Theft Auto V appears to be a game all about “firsts”.

    For the first time ever, we will be introduced to not one, not two but three – count them – three playable characters, a feature of which really freshens up the series.

    Also new to Rockstar Games’ sandbox crime-fest is animals. Dogs, like Rottweiler Chop in the above image, are expected to not only make an appearance in the game, but also be fully interactive.

    Head of Rockstar North Leslie Benzies has confirmed animals won’t just be a “backdrop” in V, stating:

    “Animals aren’t just a backdrop, you can expect to see dogs guarding areas and causing the player trouble when they try to sneak past them.”

    So there you go, guard dogs, like Chop the Rottweiler, will feature in Grand Theft Auto V.

    But how else will we be able to interact with animals?


    We know that we are going to have a map to explore bigger in scale than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV combined, with beach fronts, mountains, the wilderness and the suburbs all featuring, which means we can expect to encounter different animals dependent upon which area of the map we’re exploring that they’re indigenous too.

    Mountain Lions have been teased, while sharks have already been confirmed. We think the presence of animals such as these is a wonderful inclusion on Rockstar’s half, and we can’t wait to find out how we can interact with certain species.

    Here, we examine 5 Ways Animals Will Improve The Grand Theft Auto Experience.
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