GTA 5 Script Hook V Working On Latest Patch 350.2

Bullet May 3, 2015

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    Rockstar recently rolled out a patch to prevent modding on GTA V: PC version, the patch 350.2 blocked the use of mods and native trainers.
    Along with thew patch Rockstar also began perma-banning gamers found to be using cheats.

    Script hook V is perhaps the most used method of modding on GTA V right now and is the most likely cause of gamers getting perma-bans from the game. Rockstar patched Script hook from running, until now that is!

    The developers behind Script Hook V have removed the ability to cheat in GTA V Online, cheats will only work in the single-player portion of the game, it does allow you to use all the custom .asi scripts that are compatible with the native trainer, but has a fail safe to prevent 'accidental' use online.

    Script Hook V is now fully compatible with GTA V version 350.2, however it does not support functionality with the online mode.
    Script hook now closes the game when a player attempts to go Online, this is done because the game reports installed mods list to R* while being in Online mode.

    About Script Hook V:

    The trainer comes with ScriptHookV distrib and shows an example of what
    can be done using scripts.

    - broken models are removed from skin changer
    - fixed infinite loading on death/arrest while being in another skin
    - fixed an issue when trainer was closing after showing up

    F4 activate
    NUM2/8/4/6 navigate thru the menus and lists (numlock must be on)
    NUM5 select
    NUM0/BACKSPACE/F4 back
    NUM9/3 use vehicle boost when active
    NUM+ use vehicle rockets when active

    - player
    - skin changer -- select any char you want, including animals
    - teleport -- teleport anywhere, has location set and ability
    to perform proper map marker teleportation
    - invincible
    - fix player
    - add cash
    - wanted up/down/never
    - police ignored
    - unlimited ability
    - noiseless
    - fast swim/run
    - super jump
    - vehicle
    - speed boost -- use NUM9/3
    - car spawner
    - wrap in spawned
    - paint random
    - fix
    - invincible
    - weapon
    - get all weapon
    - vehicle rockets -- use NUM+ in vehicle
    - no reload
    - fire ammo
    - explosive ammo
    - explosive melee
    - world
    - toggle random trains/boats/etc
    - time
    - hour forward/backward
    - pause
    - sync with system
    - weather
    - set wind
    - select weather
    - misc
    - change radio track
    - hide hud

    You no longer need to go through the hassle of downgrading the game to be able to use cheats in the single player portion of the game.
    You can download Script Hook V from the official webpage here.
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