Grand Theft Auto V Update Out Now, Investigating Issues

Nasyr Dec 24, 2014

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    Rockstar now turns to fully investigating, updating, and checking issues it is said to be having with it's online interactions. With a big patch being released as of last week, there has been several complaints about bugs in the interaction menu. This made it harder for people to navigate and use the game as nicely as they really wanted to for PlayStation 3 and 4 users.. As Rockstar attempted to fix this issue once more with another patch update, it really just did nothing. You could say, what a fail but, really must be annoying for the gamers.

    Now as more complaints came in the second time around about the same issue, Rockstar has taken it live to find and fix the issue that they seem to have caused with there last big patch in the beginning. Rockstar has made sure to post on there website, news feed, and social media what there doing. So they want you to not be worried if you have issues connecting to there servers as there more than likely setting it offline for you. They also ask that you send support emails if you find any extra bugs that haven't already been reported as of.
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