Grand Theft Auto V: Exclusive Update 1.29

Nasyr Nov 18, 2015

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    Grand Theft Auto V, the game has recently released an update that is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles only. This is to help and fix any and all cheating issues that are currently occurring within the game. This could range from glitches, modes, stats carry over glitch and so on. The stats carry over glitch I see being a big issue to be fixed as so many people have done it.​
    For those that do not understand what i'm saying by this I mean when you get your profile modded with a decent amount of money and unlocks or ranks and then transfer the game to Xbox One. When you do this it carries over every single thing you had on the Xbox 360 and allows you to carry on with the game which works out well for cheaters, they will never catch you or think it's abnormal at the time. ​
    The recent update is said to take up 77MB on PS3 and Xbox 360 is said to be more. They also released a statement with this and it goes as follows, "We managed to pack in two years worth of free updates onto the older platforms, but after the release of Heists we started to run into some very real memory constraints. We knew moving forward that the game’s online performance could be in jeopardy if we continued to pile in new content. But after some creative programming, we were able to deliver the two-part Ill-Gotten Gains update. "​
    "Moving forward, we knew that we could not make any more meaningful updates without putting the stability of the entire game at risk. By focusing on the opportunity with these newer platforms, it will allow us to do some exciting stuff in the future, and the Freemode Events update is just the beginning." ​
    I wonder if that means we have a new pack to come soon for release and it will be more compacted and refined to fill everyones needs in the game? Currently, Grand Theft Auto V is the only game on my console that takes up a ton of memory and space then any other game I own. When I downloaded this game on my Xbox 360 I was only able to have a few other minor games for how much it took up then. Is this the start to a growing problem or possibly a fix to it?​
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    This update doesnt seem to block some mod menus tho, the one i have embedded in my iso still works.

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