Godfather 2 XBOX360 "Master Crew" Save Request!.

xGameJunkie Aug 17, 2013

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    Jul 5, 2013
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    I Know the games old and Not to many people liked it, But i really did. they had a-lot of god things in it, IF only they spent a little more time into it, could of been one great game, I'm the type of person that like's seeing my crew in gun fights and etc with cops, cause the AI crew in this game is Kinda good, they kick ass. I Wanted to download the lvl4 Upgrades (Guns) and give em to my crew, But i remember they need to be a Master Licence, And you cant play online now cause the servers are shut down, So only way now is a Gamesave!, So i was wondering if anyone has a FULL crew with all Master licence? I don't care if its modded or if the game is completed or u have no Money or max money, Just as long as there all Maxed out. Thanks.

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