Get Your Microsoft Points Back From M$ and keep the item

XPGBuSh Feb 17, 2011

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    Ever want your microsoft points back from after a purchase and still want to keep the item that you paid for will its 100% possible as of 2-15-11

    The things you will need are:
    -A Phone
    -Microsoft points on a account
    -Some Common Sense

    ***ok lets get started***

    First-You buy someting from the marketplace that you want for example you want to buy Black ops map packs and dont want to use the very last little bit of your points to purchase it but you do so after you purchase cancle the download because you are about to call microsoft.

    Second-Call Micorsoft their number is 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269)

    Go Say Xbox Live or hit 2 then after that say agent they may switch you around to a couple of representatives but its worth it if you want your points back and keep what ever you bought

    so once you get the agent on the line you will say that you bought whatever game you bought and when you tried to buy gave you a error called "An Purchasing Error Occurred"

    make sure you say that and tell them it took you microsoft points and it didnt even download the game or give you the item

    they will tell you probaly to look in your download history and see if its there tell them yes and then they will ask you to hit A on it and see if u can download it again tell them its asking for you to buy it again..or/ and they might tell you to go to the marketplace where you bought the game from and see if you can download it again and tell them its telling you to re-buy the game all over again for the same amount that you recently bought it for

    they will ask for some info to make sure your the owner of the account ***GIVE THEM THE RIGHT INFO*** they might make you do some trouble shooting stuff but just dont tell them that you can download it again and make sure you say it took your microsft points and didnt give you the item

    just be smart so after you do all the BS they want you to do they will say they are going to credit you the microsft points back which means they will give be giving you a refund after they do that and confirm that you got the points back your done tell them to have a nice day

    and there you go just go to the marketplace and hit download again it will not make you buy it cause you bought it already and you also have your micsroft ponts back so Good Luck.

    Credz to FoReVeRxCaLi

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