Get Destiny For £15 On PS4 - It's Easter And This Is Cheep!

Bullet Apr 3, 2015

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    Apologies for the pun in the title, but just like a bargain, I can't resist a cheap gag! If you have been feeling the pinch lately and are looking for a new game for your PS4 console, then look no further.

    Some participating retailers are now knocking out Destiny for a mere £15! You can buy Bungie's Sci-Fi shooter from Amazon or Tesco for an all time low price.

    You will of course only get the basic game without the expansion packs for £15.00, but that's still a super low price for a new AAA title. This clever marketing move aimed at bored children on the Easter holidays will certainly boost player numbers.

    If you do buy this epic action adventure, then you will certainly want to invest in the Season Pass, because the DLC is a must with this game.

    It does get stale real quick without the expansion packs, but it's still worth grabbing at this all time low price!
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