Genuine Xecuter Product Serial Checker Launched !

Bullet Nov 1, 2012

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    We are please to announce the launch of the Genuine Xecuter Product Serial Checker.

    Now you will always know for sure if your TX products are the real thing and not some dodgy clones that are crap quality and will get absolutely no support and no warranty.
    We will be adding a unique code to all TX products over the next few weeks, however the first product to have a code already printed was the CR3 Lite.
    As suspected there were many CR3 Lite clones on the market and the quality was pathetic. Cheap quality crystal oscillators, incorrect circuit layout, poor quality build, really shitty glitch times etc. They even tried to clone the serial numbers but must have gotten bored and just duped the codes [​IMG]
    Fakes / Clones:
    The problem is (or was) that users will come here reporting that their CR3 Lite is bad and demand support / warranty and the reputation of the product is turned to mud – when in fact it's a perfectly great product that out performs every RGH device on the market (except the CR3 Pro of course).
    We would understand it if we charged so much more money for the originals – but these clones are being sold wholesale for only $1.80 cheaper than buying the originals direct! Cheap f***ers indeed.
    Well now you can see if your code is valid and that your product is real. Once you enter your code you will be given the option to claim it and leave a message that is to be displayed (we recommend you put your forum nick in there somewhere in case you require support in future so you can prove that you own the real product).
    We have also implemented a check limit on each valid code. It is presumed that a retailer may check the code to see if it's genuine, and the end user may check the code – so that's 2 allowed. A further 2 are allowed in case it ever gets sold but then that code will be blacklisted if its checked more than 4 times. So make sure you PROTECT YOUR CODE!
    The system also protects you from making duplicate checks so you don't have to worry about hitting refresh a dozen times and your code count sky rockets [​IMG]
    We are also currently working on a reporting system where if you have a clone you can report the retailers information so they can be blacklisted too.
    If guys want to copy our stuff – fine – just add your own dumb name to the product and dont try to hype off the back of ours. We have to protect our brand quality and integrity to enable us to offer the best possible support for our customers.
    If you can let me know about any bugs I'd appreciate it it – also let me know if you were able to claim your code successfully or if your code was invalid.
    Remember this is for CR3 Lites only at the moment – other products will be added once we are confident that everything is running smoothly.

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    Thanks for this I'm sure people will use this in the future

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