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Gemini Autobuyer Update - Explanation

Bullet Dec 7, 2013

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    Allow me to Explain why XPG is no longer affiliated with Gemini Autobuyer.

    To put an end to the rumors , speculation and second guessing, I will explain to you exactly what the situation is.

    For some time we have been receiving numerous complaints from our members about the support ( or lack of ) and the way they had been treated. So we ( admin) set about monitoring exactly what was going on.

    Without going into too much detail or naming names, people were getting angry with the updates and felt that the tool was a beta form. Members also reported that they were threatened with having their licenses revoked if they complained or said something that Gemini owner didn't like. This even ended up in the terms and conditions on the Autobuyer site.

    This is a short version of events, discounting the situation with the " coin hack" that people paid £500 for and were kept waiting for months. Also discounting the " steroid " autobuyer, that was released after people paid for a premium version of the autbouyer, that was left defective while work was carried out on the more expensive version of the Autobuyer.

    The standard of service from Gemini Autobuyer is substandard to say the least. I have had to remove several posts from the owner of Gemini threatening people in threads after they dare to complain.

    My advice to anyone looking for an Autobuyer is think very carefully, read through all the threads in the Fifa Autobuyer section and make up your own minds.
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