Gemini Autobuyer - Premium Version: 2.7 feedback

DarthJaro Oct 29, 2013

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    Oct 23, 2013
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    Hi, im testing the AB since yesturday evening till now, and would like to share my feedback with you all, so :

    1) first thing is that is to be fixed is that on some mashines is the script error, i have two laptops and on one there is no problem on other got the script error ( did wipe out whole system put only necesary things and still script error,)
    2) on the PC that the AB is working there is no disconection problem ( untill u login to webapp - but this is normal )
    3) database - working
    4) sync - working
    5) consumables - working ( search all contracts, chemistry, fitnes - missing only positions but think this can be added
    6) coin protection - working ( dont forget to turn it off if u manually apply it )
    7) buy protection - working great - iv put chemistry basic at buy price 1000 coins ( u can buy them on 200 coins normally ) and it didnt bought any till it pull down the price ( 1000 - 950-900 and so on ) so great !!
    one minus is that when the buy now price is 200 - and it find the amout u put in setings it pull it down to 150 and not buying. another is that it also pull down your selling price ( also the one u already listed and if didn sell for the higher price it wont relist it in old price but apply new one ) think this can be done sth with. But it is working great !!!! thou.
    8) didn also niticed andy unassigned problems, all items were sold and i didnt need to send them manually to tradepile.

    so only the script error should be fixed - to let the program work on any maschine - and we realy have a very good product.

    Good work - Alex

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