Gears of War Remastered: New Details Leaked!

Nasyr Jun 14, 2015

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    Gears of War Remastered has now been rumored to be changing it's name to "The Coalition." Many may already have heard of this rumor or think it has happened already but, there has been nothing as of recent. They include the most recent updates the game will be receiving and further on for that matter. Framerates and content will really be taking the lead in this update for the most part. It shows the 90 minute addition of content to the gameplay and furthering content quality and run through for the overall experience the players are really looking for. They have even sent out many tweets about the game previous to the E3 event many of you see coming right around the corner as of now. I hope many of you are as excited for it as I am.

    The list of updates shows as below:
    • Adapted for Dolby 7.1 Surround
    • 90 minutes of new content for campaign mode\
    • New achievements for Xbox LIVE (player account 1250)
    • Gallery sketches and comics available\
    • Streamlined multiplayer mode that runs at 60 frames per second and w/ dedicated servers
    • 19 cards, including downloadable content and exclusive cards
    • Gain access to the 17 characters of Gears of War 3 multiplayer games
    • New features match the settings, including the choice of parameters of the active charge, renewal, revival and the emergence of an independent arms.
    • Streamlined gameplay more fluid movements and updated management system, including an alternate control system and a brand new control scheme tournament
    • Added features from your favorite Gears of Wars 3: Marking enemy targets, the use of the device in a multiplayer game, improved sensitivity setting.
    The E3 event starts late tonight and continues on through the week. I believe there will only be a few companies going on tonight into tomorrow and more as they carry on. Are any of you planning on attending that event live or enjoying the stream?​
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