Gears of War 3 Title Update Details

Bullet Mar 21, 2012

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    Gears of War 3 gets a new title update...
    It’ll be the fourth title update and will be added automatically as you start the game. Chances are that it’s out now, even.
    A number of improvements and bug fixes are included. The changelog’s below:
    * Savage Drone and Savage Grenadier can now “swat” turn in Beast mode
    * Spectator mode now starts viewing a player instead of a battle camera
    * Alternate control users in multiplayer will no longer look at DBNO characters when pressing R3
    * The crosshair for the Longshot and Hammerburst will now show an X if a shot is obstructed.
    * KOTH – ring locators are now visible in spectator mode
    * KOTH – some hill locations have been adjusted
    Bug fixes:
    * The Onyx Guard decoy in Horde will not drop his rifle after exhausting the Vulcan ammo
    * Clients will no longer be stuck with a “Waiting For Players” message up if the host quits Horde during the progression screen
    * Chainsaw audio loop will now persist for listeners who leave the audible range and re-enter it
    * Fixed some instances where special event ribbons would not be properly awarded
    * COG pistol firing rate has been adjusted to be equal on host and clients
    * The Flaming Retro Lancer is now available for attendees of the first special event
    * Fixed some issues fixed related to the destruction of meatbags
    * The Slab start up screen no longer has debug text
    * After a host migration in Horde, the waves will no longer go past 50
    * Cover near the elevator on Hotel no longer allows players to lean outside of the visible area
    * Grenade throwers that are killed mid-throw will receive credit for any kills that grenade causes
    * Silverback will be disabled if hit by a smoke grenade when the driver is in the middle of the exit animation
    * Team Deathmatch time limit no longer resets to 3 minutes when both teams are out of respawns
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    "COG pistol firing rate has been adjusted to be equal on host and clients".

    GOW3's dedicated servers are a myth.
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