Gears of War 2 DLC Achievements TU5

Bullet Sep 17, 2011

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    This will get you the rank/horde achievments from DLC easily.

    You need:
    1x Profile that allready has the achievments/war journal entries.
    1x Profile that needs the achievments.
    2x Controllers
    1x Gears of War 2 Disc
    1x XBOX 360
    1x TV (lol)

    1 -> Sign all profiles out.
    2 -> Load up Gears of War 2 and update if asked.
    3 -> Sign into source profile on controller 1 (The one with the achievements)
    4 -> Sign into destination profile on controller 2 (The one that needs the achievments)
    5 -> Click Multiplayer.
    6 -> Select Local.
    7 -> Start a match with any map/char/settings.
    8 -> When match has loaded all DLC achievments that source profile has should pop in order on destination profile.

    This is not exactly a glitch and you can't get banned for it, as its a problem the game creators have created themselves
    as you see, theres no SPG or hacking or anything, just loading a game innocently.


    Tut originally posted by Fierce Deity

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