GC 2012: Nintendo embraces the online world with ZombiU

XxBestMonsterxX Aug 28, 2012

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    During the demonstration of ZombiU at Gamescom, a Ubisoft developer explained how the in-game messaging system would work.

    We already saw a ZombiU trailer from E3 that showcased how the Wii U controller would allow players to scan rooms and examine areas, but the scanner can also be used to look for clues left by other players, reports Polygon.

    Players will be able to leave clues for others, to assist in advancing through the game. The messages won't be hand written notes, but when you scan a body, you may come across a series of symbols scrawled on the floor.

    Players choose the symbols they wish to use to warn other players of a threat, or perhaps an arrow to point you in the right direction. With gameplay such as this though, it is fair warning that many trolls may lurk leaving useless messages, or point you right into harms way.

    It is an interesting feature that adds a level of gameplay Nintendo hasn't touched before, and we look forward to hearing what else ZombiU has in store for us.

    ZombiU is set to launch when the Wii U does, but with no date actually confirmed, all we have to go on for now is a release date rumour.
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