GameStop stores sell out of Xbox One Day One Edition units

IIEvolution85II Jun 20, 2013

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    US retailer GameStop has confirmed that stores are no longer taking pre-orders for the Xbox One Day One Edition due to "high demand".

    The retailer is still taking pre-orders online, but in-store allocations - which are reportedly small compared to promised PS4 stock - have all been accounted for, Polygon reports.

    A GameStop spokesperson told the site: "Due to high demand, GameStop is not taking additional store reservations for the Xbox One Day One Edition. However, reservations can still be made at"

    Polygon was told by multiple GameStop store managers that PS4 allocations are considerably higher than confirmed Xbox One stock. One based in California said: "We were only given an allocation of 16 Xbox Ones but we have 60 PlayStation 4s and we're still taking orders."

    Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton said last week that GameStop executives had informed him the retailer would purchase "every single [PS4] unit" Sony can manufacture.

    He subsequently echoed comments made by SCE CEO Andrew House, who last week warned that PS4 demand "may well outstrip supply",

    It's worth noting that GameStop's in-store allocation of Xbox One units ran dry prior to last night announcement that Microsoft has abandoned its controversial DRM policies for the console, a move the retailer praised as "great news for gamers".

    Last Monday, Microsoft confirmed that Xbox One will be available in 21 markets this November. The Xbox One price has been set at £425 / €499 / $499.

    Source: CVG

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