Full List Of Call Of Duty: Black Ops MP Reveal

villan4eva Sep 3, 2010

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    Wednesday/Thursday was the Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer reveal and it delivered a whole lot of goodness.

    The event kicked off with a presentation in a IMAX theater. Producer Dan Bunting and lead designer David "Vahn" Vonderhaar shown off the new additions and "Compete, Customize and Create" was described as being the 3 pillars.

    They announced that there would be an offline multiplayer mode called "Combat Training" which lets you play against bots (AI opponents), the main aim of this mode is to allow you to practice your skills. The mode has its own rank up and can be played solo or co-op with a friend. Mark Lamia, CEO of Treyarch, said that Combat Training will be a "complete standalone experience" and that it will have its own progression system.

    Another new feature is "CoD Points". CoD points are basically the in-game cash that you can use to unlock weapons, uniforms, accessories and more. Along with your in-game successes, CoD points can also be earned by completing "Contracts". These contracts are in-game challenges that reward players with CoD points when they have completed certain tasks.

    Along with the CoD points and contracts comes "Wager Match" which are free-form game modes that have been designed to be "adrenaline junkie fun", as described by Vahn. The Wager Matches are separate from the standard rank playlists and you can take the currency you've earned and you can gamble it against other players. They say that you're gambling that you are going to come in the top three on the scoreboard.

    The four modes in Wager Matches are; One in the Chamber where everyone spawns with a pistol and you only have one bullet and three lives but if you kill someone then you take their bullet while if you miss then you only have your knife left. In Sticks and Stones you spawn with a crossbow, ballistic knife and a tomahawk, if you hit the enemy with the tomahawk then they instantly become bankrupt. In Gun Game you are given a series of progressive weapons and with every kill you get a better weapon, the first to go through all the weapons win and if you get knife then you get sent back one tier. In Sharp Shooter everyone starts with the same randomly selected weapon, you get to use the weapon for a certain amount of time and then everyone gets the next weapon, each kill gives you a perk which eventually leads to a scoring multiplier. The trailer for Wager Matches can be seen here ».

    Create a Class Menu

    Perks are a pretty important part of the franchise and they were all revealed yesterday. There are 3 perk tiers and the first one effects the appearance of your character. For example, if you choose Ghost then your character will wear a ghillies suit. The appearance of your character can be seen in the menus when choosing different weapons, perks etc. It's also confirmed that pro versions of the perks will be returning from Modern Warfare 2.

    Tier 1

    * Lightweight
    * Scavenger - Replenish your ammo from fallen enemies.
    * Ghost - Undetectable by Spy Plane, and Blackbird.
    * Flak Jacket - Higher explosives resistance.
    * Hardline

    Tier 2

    * Hardened - Deeper bullet penetration
    * Scout - Longer Hold Breath during Scoped Views
    * Steady Aim
    * Sleight of Hand
    * Warlord - Bling perk from MW2

    Tier 3

    * Marathon
    * Ninja
    * Second Chance- Will allow you to be revived and in turn revive others
    * Hacker- "Similar" to SitRep/ Pro Version allows you to "booby trap" enemy CarePackages, and hack enemy electronical devices and turn them into your team's( Claymore, Sentry Guns, SAM Turrets)
    * Tactical Mask- Tear Gas and Flashbang resistant


    Create a Class Menu
    * MP5K
    * Skorpion
    * MAC11
    * AK74u
    * Uzi
    * PM63
    * MPL
    * Spectre


    * Enfield
    * M14
    * Famas
    * Galil
    * AUG
    * FN FAL
    * AK47
    * Commando


    * Olympia
    * Stakeout
    * SPAS


    * HK21

    Infared Scope
    * RPK
    * M60

    Sniper Rifles

    * Dragunov
    * WA2000
    * L96A1

    The above weapons are just some of the weapons that have been seen at the event.

    * Extended Mag
    * ACOG sight
    * Red Dot sight
    * Reflex
    * Infrared scope
    * Dual Mag
    * Masterkey
    * Flamethrower
    * Grenade Launch Suppressor

    It's also believed that the flamethrower is an attachment that can be bought for 750 CoD Points.
    Treyarch are focusing on a lot more customization for Black Ops. Amongst this customization is the ability to choose what reticle you want when using a sight. Most (if not all) of these reticles can be read below:


    * Dot
    * Semicircle
    * Line with dot
    * Circle
    * Smiley
    * Arrows Horizontal
    * Arrows Vertical
    * Arrows with dot
    * Boxes
    * Burst
    * Circle within a circle
    * Circle with dot
    * Circle with Crosshairs
    * Circle with inner line
    * Circle with outer line
    * Circle with arrows
    * Circle with triangles
    * Outer crosshairs
    * Small crosshairs
    * Large crosshairs
    * Diamond
    * Diamond outline
    * Heart
    * Radiation
    * Skull
    * Square
    * Square outline
    * Star
    * 3 dots
    * Treyarch
    * Triangle
    * Outer triangles
    * x
    * X with dot
    * yin yang

    The colors that you can choose are green, blue, purple, teal, yellow and orange.

    Killcams and the winning killcam returns while deathstreaks, stopping power and juggernaut do not. Four maps were shown at the event and this includes Summit which is a snow mountain base, Launch which is a rocket map, Radiation which is an abandoned power station and Crackled which is a secluded town in shambles. Both Launch and Summit were seen in the teaser trailer and if you stand under the rocket in the Launch map then you will be toasted to death.

    As proof of yet more customization, you can customize your own emblem that can be placed on your gun and your clan tag can be carved into it to make it your "own". It's also confirmed that host migration will return to the game. You can rank up to level 50 and you will start off with 5 custom classes while you can unlock an additional 5 from prestige 1-5.

    What would be Call of Duty without the killstreaks? Thankfully, there isn't a game ending killstreak and the maximum is 11 kills. The kills gathered from killstreaks also won't count towards other killstreaks.

    Below is a list of all the confirmed killstreaks with the amount of kills and CoD Points that are needed.

    * 3 – Spy Plane
    * 3 – RC XD
    * 4 – Counter Spy Plane $1600
    * 4 – Sam Turret $1600
    * 5 – Care Package
    * 5 – Napalm Strike
    * 6 – Sentry Gun $3200
    * 6 – Mortar Team
    * 7 – Attack Helicopter
    * 7 – Valkyrie Rockets $4000
    * 8 – BlackBird $4500
    * 8 – Rolling Thunder $4500
    * 9 - Chopper Gunner $5000
    * 11 – Attack Dogs $6000
    * 11 Gunship $6000

    All things that are lethal are on the right bumper while all tactical items go on the left bumper and there's now an equipment category for deploy-ables. Rather than getting special killstreaks in Care Packages, players will get special weapons such as the Death machine which is a chain-gun and the Grim reaper which is a missile launcher. There is also a decoy now, this is a non lethal grenade on your left bumper and it creates false radar blips by shooting.

    The ballistic knife and crossbow are confirmed to be "special secondary" weapons. The shotgun is confirmed to be a primary weapon while dual pistols are in the game.

    * Camera Spike
    * C4
    * TI
    * Jammer
    * Motion sensor
    * Claymore


    * M72
    * RPG
    * Strela
    * China Lake

    Lethal Grenades

    * Tomahawk
    * Frag
    * Semtex

    When you're in the lobby you have the option to vote for two maps or a random map. It also appears that you can dive through windows, Vosty » tried this from a high level and confirmed that there is a fall damage. It looks as if the bloody screen when getting shot has been removed.

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    thanks for the list looks and sounds great.
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    Thanks for posting :) , what a game this is gona be carnt wait

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