Frostegater updates the UNO exploit, fixes crash at startup

scunnyemce Jan 2, 2013

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    Yesterday Frostegater released his port of Total_Noob’s CEF to vita firmware 2.02. Some of you reported trouble running the exploit on the EU and US versions of the game. A quick investigation led us to understand this was a problem happening when the language settings were not set to “English” on your Vita (or rather, when the UNO game would not show up with the English interface for you).

    Frostegater quickly investigated and updated his work. You should now be able to launch the exploit independently of your Vita’s language settings.
    Frostegater also used the opportunity to remind me that he is not the one who found the UNO exploit (he “just” used it to make his port of CEF), but that so many people found it that it is difficult to find an actual “author”. This is already stated in his Readme file, but Frostegater wants to credit hackers xiaolin, zer01ne and MaxiExtreme for finding this exploit. Although we’re sure other people found this exploit as well, these are the ones we know about.
    I also want to thank user 173210 who investigated and fixed the issue independently yesterday, which already unstuck most of you, here.
    If you are having issues using this exploit, please have a look at our tutorial on how to install and run homebrews/isos before you ask any question, thanks [​IMG]

    The latest version of Frostegater’s port of CEF to Vita 2.02 can be downloaded here (or try this link if you are not seeing the latest files). If you enjoy Frostegater’s work, please consider making a donation to thank him for his efforts!

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