Free Gotham City Impostors Update Adds New Map and Game Mode

Bezza Apr 21, 2012

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    A new update will be released for Gotham City Impostors soon, bringing with it a new map, game mode and foreign character voices, all for free.

    The new map, entitled The East End, will offer a bigger space to battle in than any other map available in the game, bringing more tactical options into the game.

    The team also detailed a new game mode known as Bounty Hunter:

    When someone is slain in this game mode they drop a shiny gold coin that you can pick up to gain a temporary buff (and some well deserved points). Did your teammate drop a coin after an untimely death? Deny your foes the satisfaction of picking it up and steal it for yourself.

    Finally, new foreign character voices will be added to the game. Monolith didn’t offer a date for the update, but promised information soon.


    This is a lot of content to give players for free. The new game mode alone would be enough. The Bounty Hunter mode will add a lot more risk and reward to gameplay, do you risk going for that extra damage boost that a coin gives you or hang back and stay alive? The new map should lend itself well to this game type as the large open spaces will provide more danger when running for coins, it will also allow for more one-on-ones as team members become separated on this large map. If you’re not convinced you can check out the map and game mode in action via the video below.
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