Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island

Nasyr Dec 18, 2014

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    Forza Horizon 2, offers an essential burst of excite at all corners you may turn on to. There is games where you constantly stay on a track or constantly make a left turn. Not being stereotypical but, just generally those games are not fun, at all. Yet this game is a whole different ball game. It allows you to drive through corn fields and fly past busy streets in the mists of trying to catch up or taking a short cut to win. Not always will you catch a game such as this that offers a wide range of abilities but, that it also looks uniquely real in a sense of drifting and being able to make smooth turns and increase speed. Also not to mention the actual building of your car you can do.


    There is some restrictions to the race course you go through. As much freedoms as they give you, they don't want you to get lost. So they have added a map into the screen view that you can look at while driving, as well as barriers that block you from going too far off course. Also you can look behind you without actually having to change your field of you. They have done a great job with adding a rear-view-mirror that allows you to see behind you and some what in your flank. If you don't think that's awesome then I bet this next part will be.. You can infact ram other people in the game. By doing this it will effect the way there car moves or if done right, it can spin out. Don't go watching the cops channel but, if you hit there back tire on either side low it will cause there car to turn and spin out.
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