Forza Horizon 2 Has Fully Dynamic Lighting Also 3 Times Bigger than Original

Bullet Jun 3, 2014

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    Since Microsoft announced yesterday that Playground Games and Turn 10 are working on a sequal to Forza Horizon, facts about the game have been coming in thick and fast.
    We know that the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One versions of the game are being developed separately so that being a 'Cross Gen' game will not hold it back. The Xbox 360 version will be led by UK developer Sumo Digital which will be built using the Horizon 1 engine whilst the Xbox One version will be headed up by Playground using the Forza 5 engine.


    Screenshots were released today showing in-game snaps of the cars in full 1080p glory. The pictures look amazing but Creative Director Ralph Fulton and Art Director Ben Penrose have explained that the games looks are not all about texture resolution and poly counts, its all about the lighting, and Forza Horizon 2 will have dynamic lighting of plenty..


    "We believe next gen beauty isn’t about poly counts. It’s not about texture resolution. Those are last-gen concepts. Next-gen beauty is about light.


    Our challenge in this game was really to make that dynamic. To make those systems work and combine in a vast world at any time of day, and in any atmospheric or weather condition. We also had to make that scale. We have a huge world which we need to fill with light. Light from headlights, light from streetlights.


    With Horizon we pushed dynamic lights with the headlights. Now every single light in a scene is dynamic, which is only something we’ve been able to achieve with the switch to a next-gen platform.


    The headlights themselves are no longer just standard dynamic lights; they’ve actually got modelled aberration and chromatic aberration from a proper headlight, which is why when drive around the scene and you see the headlights reacting to certain objects you’ll see a slight rainbowing on the edge. That’s all down to that particular part of the system"

    This game is massive, over 3 times the size of the original and its estimated that it will take around 100 hours to fully complete the game. There will be over 700 events for you to complete in this massive racer so you will get your monies worth that's for sure.
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