Flatland Survival

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    File Name: Flatland Survival
    File Submitter: GetOnMyLevel
    File Submitted: 17 Jun 2013
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    You may be thinking to yourself. It's a flatland with chests that contain items in them. The answer to that is no. This is a flatland map that has layers of stuff. It's kinda how the actual game has layers and you can find items in them. There are no dungeons, unless I feel like making them, and then you would have to start over. I don't really know how to explain this world, but I will give you a rough order of how the layers are, because I made some last minute changes to them, and they are ordered from bottom to top. If I do add dungeons I will place lava around them, because there is no lava at all, and this place needs some lava for items that need obsidian.
    Stone - As the very bottom floor.
    Air - To be a separator where you can build at.
    Glowstone - So mobs don't spawn.
    Diamond Ore - So you can have diamond tools.
    Stone - As a separator so it's not filled.
    Redstone Ore - In case you want to make redstone materials.
    Stone - Same reason as the other stone.
    Gold - So you can make gold tools.
    Iron - So you can make iron tools.
    Coal - So you can smelt stuff later on.
    Stone - Same reason as the other stone.
    Water - It cannot be a world without a water source.
    Wood - So you can make your basic materials.
    Grass - So it looks like a normal flatland world.
    Air - To have space so there is a sky area.
    Glass - As a protector from rain, except where you spawn because if there was glass you would spawn at the top of the map and die by falling.

    This contains no villages, unless some spawned and I didn't notice. To start on your survival adventure you have to dig down one block. If I missed anything, tell me, and have fun.

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