Flashing CFW to a PSP GO

Tulvert May 24, 2013

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    This tutorial is in reply to a question and by Keener. Hope this tut helps you and other members out.

    In this tutorial we will cover the downgrading of OFW's and the installation of a CFW for the PSP GO

    This tutorial and some of the files provided are made for the PSP GO only so please don't use this tut for any other PSP.

    As always, flashing your PSP runs you this risk of bricking it thus killing the machine. The makers of the software you are about to use and I myself are NOT responsible for your newly acquired brick if something should go wrong.

    Things you will need for this project.

    A PSP GO (duh right? lol)

    The power cords and the USB cord.

    OFW 6.20 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yixdkkoaadm4scq/FW6.20%28PSPgo%29.zip

    Chronoswitch Downgader Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jmvb5f9gn30265v/Chronoswitch+Downgrader.zip

    CFW 6.20 PRO - C2 pack Link: https://code.google.com/p/procfw/downloads/detail?name=620PRO-C2.rar&can=2&q=

    The CFW package will provide you with the CFW and the patch to make it permanent.

    We are now ready to begin our journey.
    The first thing we want to do is make sure your PSP GO is on OFW 6.20. that is the stock 6.20 firmware.
    IF your handheld is on OFW 6.20 then you can skip the next section of this tutorial and go to, "Installing CFW 6.20 PRO-C2". if not then please read on.

    Section 1: Downgrading the PSP GO to OFW 6.20

    Make sure your handheld is fully charged and you have you power cords at the ready. the software will not allow you to downgrade the console if your battery is below 75% and if the console isn't plugged into a power source.

    Connect your PSP GO to your PC using your GO's USB cable.
    Now go ahead and extract the zip file for Chronoswitch Downgrader and and mover the folder and the eboot it contains to ms0:/PSP/GAME on you PSP.

    Next create a folder in ms0:/PSP/GAME called UPDATE using all caps. Now we'll extract the OFW 6.20 from zip and move ONLY the eboot file into our newly created UPDATE folder on the PSP GO.

    Carefully disconnect your PSP GO from your PC and connect it to the power adapter/wall plug.
    Navigate over to the Downgrader in the Game section of your console UI and start it with X

    After the software checks your Firmware press X again and then press X again to start the SCE updater program.

    Once you've allowed the SCE updater to complete it will restart your PSP GO. Upon restart you'll be met with a blue screen with lots of white letters. Press O and wait for it to restart again.

    Finish setting your Date/Time and you are done Downgrading and CONGRATS. Now take a moment and format the internal memory to get rid of all those files we aren't using for the next section. You'll find the format utility in the tool tab of your PSP GO.

    Section 2: Installing CFW 6.20 PRO-C2

    Before we move forward lets make sure your PSP GO is on OFW 6.20. You can find that info in the System Information tab in System Settings. We good to go, GOOOOD!. lol

    OK we're going to need the files out of 620PRO-C2.zip we downloaded earlier. You'll find 4 items once you've extracted the file.

    Connect your PSP GO back to your PC and copy everything except the credit file from our zip folder to the root of our PSP GO. Say yes to over writing the PSP folder.

    After the transfer is complete carefully disconnect the PSP GO from the PC. go to the Game tab of your GO UI. You'll find 3 new items, The Permanent patch, Fast Recovery, and PRO Updater.

    Scroll down to PRO UPDATER.and start it by pressing X. On the next screen choose Launch CFW. Once the installation is complete press X again. Now we are going to check our firmware says 6.20 PRO C-2. You'll find it the System information under System settings. Like earlier.

    Next step is to make this all permanent.
    Go back to the 6.20 PRO Permanent Patch and run it by press X. On the next screen press X and install the patch. Press O on the next message.

    Finish all of this by deleting the 3 items from the Game Menu by pressing triangle for Options and clicking Delete on each one.

    Congratulations you are now the proud owner of a modded PSP GO.

    Hope this was a Help to anyone or everyone.

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