Flash0 of the PSP emulator for the VITA dumped

DOPEBOI May 2, 2012

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    An unknown Vita developer has shared a full dump of the flash0 of the VITA PSP emulator.

    Source: maxconsole (Who seems to credit: Wololo) Ok whatever the source I can confirm it is real.

    An unknown Vita developer has shared an interesting link some hours ago, which contains a full dump of the flash0 of the vita psp emulator - Including the kermit modules and the psvita kernel keys! This dump can lead some professional Vita developers to kernel access, which will give us the ability to play nearly every homebrew. backup launcher could be possible aswell, but for these ones a high rank developer would be needed for programming it.

    I looked through the files and they seem to be a legit Vita flash dump.

    Feel free to grab them: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ftn7ts<--- Right Click to open
    Although there little use to anyone who's not a developer.

    I knew that Davee was not the only one who would figure it out.
    Nothing against him just glad someone else shared the files when he wouldn't.

    I thought this was quite cool:
    The person who dumped the files wrote this:

    Here is decrypted PS Vita PSP Emu flash0 and its kernel/user keys. Why don't share them?;) Now everybody is as cool as Davee...

    But this probably will lead to an earlier release of a Kernel mode exploit.
    Here's hoping for that. :D

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