Final Fantasy XV PC Coming According To Data Miners

Bullet Feb 3, 2016

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    Final Fantasy XV could be getting a PC release soon if the information hidden within the 'Uncovered FFXV website' are anything to go by.
    Data miner KupoNut discovered information within the websites source files that confirms a PC release of Final Fantasy XV could well be coming and shared it on NeoGaf.
    This information must be treated as speculation at the moment due largely to the fact that firstly the website source code has since been edited to remove all mention of a PC release, since the details were leaked.
    The images below are the ones KupoNut posted on NeoGaf:
    KupoNut says "Additionally there's some commented code hinting at more pages that will get added to the page, including a Trailer, Schedule, FAQ, Livestream, What/About and Travel page. The CSS file also has all the styling info for these pages, the pages themselves just aren't live yet."
    It was later discovered that this source code is also the exact same that was used on the The Tomb Raider page, meaning the website source could of simply been recycled by developers.
    There is also a chance that the information is correct and that Square Enix simply overlooked the fact that pointers to a PC release were in the website source.
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