Final Fantasy Versus XIII Now 15

t3fury Mar 26, 2013

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    Like me most die hard fans have been waiting for final fantasy versus xiii since it was announced in 2006. Unfortunately their has been quite a few set backs in the development due to the disaster that was final fantasy 14, and square enix having money troubles.

    Their is now light at the end of the tunnel, Sony have stepped in to help finish final fantasy versus xiii and it has now been renamed to final fantasy 15 and will be exclusive to PlayStation.

    The title will be released on the ps4 and vita supposedly in Q3 2013 but cannot be confirmed yet

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    the final fantasy HD collection is inbound and will be released on the ps3 as a double pack

    for vita users you will have to purchase the titles separately

    NO release for the xbox 360
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    :( Love final fantasy. Going to have to buy a ps3 at some point.
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    get a 60gb model by far the best

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