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    The idea of sports video games is to make the experience as realistic as possible. When it comes to running an organization, FIFA 14 took a huge step toward accomplishing that goal.
    In the latest version of the popular franchise, Electronic Arts created a Global Scouting Network to help build a club into the best in the world. The new system is described on the game's website:
    Additionally, the scouting can occur throughout the year instead of just in the transfer window to bring more realism to the feature.
    Managers are now able to develop, build and refine their network of scouts, gathering details on the attributes and traits of players from around the world.
    This innovative way of playing Career Mode also moves away from the concept of player overall rating as an on-demand metric of a player’s abilities. Instead, you communicate to your scouts what type of player you are looking for.
    There are a couple of great things about this, starting from the removal of the overall ratings. This has been a mainstay in virtually every sports video game and it allows users to oversimplify the sport.
    In real life, players do not come with ratings. A player that one person believes is the best in the world might be outside the top 100 for another person. Even professional scouts will have varied opinions on how prospects will perform.
    This brings an extra degree of difficulty as you attempt to find the best player that will help your team for a few years.

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    Another major aspect is the ability to scout a wide range of people starting at a young age. This allows you to bring a promising player to the club and watch him grow into one of the top stars in the world.

    For the true fans, this will lead to hours of play over a long period of time. It will require a commitment to continued gaming as you move through the years in career mode, building up an eventual winner.
    In the past, you would be able to simply acquire someone like Lionel Messi in the transfer window and instantly improve your roster. This mode will take a lot more effort to turn around an organization.
    While some fans might prefer the easier method, EA is doing an excellent job of bringing realism to the game. People can now feel a lot more like their favorite managers and executives as they look to make the best team possible.
    Although this will cause a lot more time in front of their television than usual, that is the cost of creating a winner.
    Thanks to this new feature, FIFA has created a winner in its latest game.

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