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    Fifa 13 Ultimate Team:
    Ultimate Team is a mode in FIFA where you build teams using any players from all the leagues to play offline and online. There are tournaments where you play to win cups. EA have set tournaments which are always available and they also add new tournaments during the month with different entry criteria. More on the detail of that later. Then there are seasons where you play in 5 divisions starting in Div 5 trying to work your way up.
    Ultimate Team players

    All the players in the FIFA Ultimate team game are split into three categories. There are Bronze players rated up to 65, Silver players rated up to 75 and Gold players rated 75 to 99. These generally reflect their ability in real life and the price reflects their popularity within the game. You can create a team mixing any of them but some competitions offline and online might have to meet certain requirements, more on that later.
    Each category is further broken down into Normal, Rare and In Form. Look at the following image which shows one of each for bronze, silver and gold. Normal is a standard card, rare means it is just that and more valuable. Every week in real life some players are outstanding. Ultimate team on FIFA recognises this and creates new versions of the players with increased better stats. These are called In Form players and become available to buy and are inside packs during each week. EA announce when the team of the week players are available and we let people know on twitter. Easily recognisable as they have black backgrounds and shiny too. Bronze outline, silver outline and gold outline so you can tell which they represent.

    Start of Ultimate team:
    Everyone starts off with a team of bronze players and maybe a silver player or two if lucky. If you have played Ultimate team before you get free packs when you start a new version of FIFA Ultimate team. Also there is a web app which starts a couple of weeks before the console release. On there you receive daily gifts which are just small packs. You might get lucky in any of those packs and pull out a Ronaldo. Usually the packs will be rubbish though.
    Look at your squad screen and you will see the players in your squad and a square with holes in under their picture and a boot. This stands for formation and position. If the box is bright green it means the player is in the formation you have picked for your team (which you can change to the left using Left Trigger). If it is dark green the player is close to that formation and is quite happy playing in it. For the boot bright green means they are in the position which shows at the top of their card. A dark green boot means they are not perfect for that position but again quite happy. Flick your right stick to the left or right and on the players you will notice more information. CON, FIT, MOR and CHM stand for Contract, Fitness, Morale and Chemistry. You will also notice scrolling their Formation, Country they are from, Club they play for and the League the club is in. All of this determines the chemistry which shows to the right of the screen and is rated out of 100.
    Trading and Chemestry in Ultimate team.
    Trading:You can buy and sell your players in the trading area or you can go to the store and buy packs. These can be bought with virtual coins you make in the game. You can buy packs using Microsoft points also which of course you can pay for with real money.You then buy Fifa points of the ultimate team menu.I would not advise this as there are many other ways to get players/coins.
    Chemistry:So why is chemistry important in FIFA 13 Ultimate team? Basically because EA decided to have it. They could have left it so you could have used any player anywhere and just play games but they wanted a structure to the game. So you have to build a team and have players in the right positions playing with players from their club, league or country to give them better chemistry. When you play an Ultimate team game the chemistry helps your players perform better, pass better and generally play better. You will notice your manager to the right also adds to this chemistry, if he is the same nationality as a player that gives better chemistry. Also his formation can match too to make it higher.
    Players,Contracts and Morale:
    The players have contracts so they can play games. Default is 7 but you can add contracts which you can buy in the trade area. Every time a player plays a game they go down by 1 contract. Fitness is gained by resting and lost by playing. Generally a player with 80 or lower fitness will be much slower in the game. Morale also affects their ability to pass and shoot. Similar to Torres at Chelsea (sorry Fernando). If you win morale goes up, lose and it goes down. The stadium you play in can also help increase morale so look out for +8 stadiums in the trade area. If you buy a new stadium you have an option to “Make it active”. Same for kits and ***** which you can buy for your club or indeed sell.
    Fifa 13 Pro Clubs:
    Fifa 13 Pro clubs is part of the game where you can make your own player and choose it's position etc.
    The more you play with the pro the more accomplishments you will earn which means the higher rating your player will be.
    You can either play a Drop in Match which is a random match with random people which you can earn accomplishments in or you can make s pro club with friends and build a sucsessful club.
    Fifa 13 Match Day Live and Seasons
    FIFA 13 Online Seasons tweaks
    Popular multiplayer mode Seasons will now include two-on-two co-op ranked online play, where friends can play each other in ten games to get promoted to the next division. You can win a title in each division, complete with a virtual trophy and cabinet. Players can tweak their line-up and favourite squad before saving it for every match.
    As mentioned above, Seasons will also integrate into FIFA Ultimate Team, so you can get promoted or relegated in FUT leagues, win trophies and unlock rewards.
    FIFA 13 Match Day mode
    This mode will relay real world football news and gossip into the FIFA 13 game. So if Rooney is playing poorly in real life, his stats will drop slightly in-game, and if Heskey is somehow in the form of his life, his stats will rise.
    Players can recreate real life upcoming matches and take part in Games of the Week.
    Commentators will talk about how well Podolski is playing throughout the in-game season, for example, as you’re playing FIFA 13. An image of him will pop up, displaying the number of goals he’s scored during the season. Live updates will let you know how rival matches are playing out, which could affect your progress.
    Fifa 13 Careeer mode changes:
    As you take control of a squad, if you play well enough, you’ll get called up to manage an international team. You can play in this and control it, and take part in international tournaments, as well as leading a club side to glory.
    Or if you’re playing as a solitary footballer, prove yourself at club level to get called up to play for your country. As a virtual player, you also can go on loan or or join other clubs in a transfer window.
    You can resign as a club’s manager, then wait for offers from other clubs. As usual, win tournaments and leagues to get offered jobs at better clubs. When buying and selling players, you can offer other players as part of an exchange, or raise your asking price or make a counter offer.
    Finally, when using Football Club, you can unlock re-matches, edit player appearances and unlock historic kits for your club. There are also new stadiums and celebration sequences.
    Ea Sports Club:
    This social network-style mode will now be worth taking note of in FIFA 13. As you play, you will slowly level up (out of a maximum 100 levels), take part in live challenges based on real life football games (like FIFA 12) and this time unlock new content as you progress you climb 100 levels. To give you an idea of how long it takes to level up, we reached level 40 after playing FIFA 12 for almost one year, and the highest person on our friend’s list is over level 60.
    You can still Support Your Club and compete against rivals, lifting your club higher in the league tables or helping them avoid relegation. But now you can unlock new kits – including retro ones – and goal celebrations, Virtual Pro Attribute Boosts, career mode Super Scout Credits and more by levelling up.
    Skill games:
    The training modes in past FIFAs have always been pretty basic and shoddy at best, do it's good to see that EA have thought and made a mode that lets you practice the more flamboyant of ball flicks, tricks, dribbling, passes and shots. By completing challenges, such as lobbing the ball over a crate of boxes into the net, or hitting a target right in the corner of the goal, you’ll progress to advanced stages.
    There are 32 Skill Games to take part in by yourself or against a friend. Check the mode out in this video:
    Fifa 13 changes from 12:
    So the key changes coming in for FIFA 13 include Attacking Intelligence, so players analyse space more, instead of just running in a straight line towards goal. They make zoning-style runs to pull defenders out of position.
    Then there’s ‘Complete Dribbling’ (though didn’t we get that in FIFA 12?) EA says you can use ‘precise dribble touches combined with true 360-degree mobility with the ball’ to be more creative and dangerous in one-on-one situations.
    But the biggest gameplay addition is 1st Touch Control, which, at the press of a button, causes your player to pull off a near-perfect touch to control the ball. This lets you control the ball nicely to line up a shot or pass, at the risk of sacrificing speed – for example an instant shot that may go wide. Passes seem smoother and touches generally make the game look even more realistic than FIFA 12.
    If the trailer is anything to go by, you’ll also be able to make sweet free-kicks, with a wider variety of dummies. You can chip the ball up for a player to volley, or even creep your defensive wall forwards bit-by-bit. But do it too much and the referee will penalise you.
    games will now be more ‘unpredictable’. Make a pass to a player and he’ll run onto it; make that exact same pass later on and the player might fumble randomly or miss-hit it.
    5 Star skill move players:
    Fut 13 money making guides:
    59th Minute Method

    By now, experienced FIFA Ultimate Team players will be sick of hearing about this as constantly as a money making method. The truth is, the 59th minute method is an incredibly useful way of making money in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team and can be done whether you have 100 coins or 1 million coins. It's a very basic concept and there's a lot of competition involved, but it's always worth it.

    This involves going to the search page, setting your Max Buy Now Price to the amount of money you have, selecting gold players only, and scrolling up the page until you reach a page where the cards are all at around 59 minutes and 30+ seconds remaining, but less than 60 minutes. Here, you need to keep scrolling back and forth through the pages to "refresh" and be on the lookout for good bargains. It's too hard to say what price to buy which players for, as the prices are changing constantly. By just experimenting and seeing what works, you should get a pretty good idea of the market.

    The reason this money making method is so effective is because unexperienced players who are either not familiar with the prices of certain players (especially obscure, rare players) or simply don't care enough to figure out the best price will sell players at silly prices. If they're that careless or unexperienced, they'll use the default auction time of one hour. You can take advantage of this by seeing these deals before anyone else and snapping up valuables for resale at a huge coin profit.

    Monopolizing a Player

    While many players seem to look down on this method, it's highly effective if you have enough coins to do it well. Otherwise known as price fixing, monopolizing a player involves completely dominating the market for a single player. You can take some relatively rare player with low volume and buy every version of him that isn't priced ridiculously.

    Say you pick a player and there's 15 of them on the market. While 3 of them are priced at 20,000 coins or higher, his regular price seems to be at just around 7,000 coins and the remaining 12 are priced around there. You go ahead and buy all the regularly priced ones and put them back on the market for 15,000 coins each. You're still undercutting the 20,000 coin guys, so anytime someone goes to buy this player they'll think 15,000 is the going price and they'll buy it.

    The key here is getting in and getting out quickly. Try to find a player that is in decent demand, but won't have people putting new versions of him up for sale every 5 minutes. It will take some practice to be able to determine which players will work best for this.

    Regular Trading

    Arguably, the best money-making method on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is to simply look for players who you can buy and resell quickly for a profit. It's common-sense, yes, but some people think the only way to amass a huge amount of coins in Ultimate Team is by using some intricate, hidden method. The truth is that most of the richest Ultimate Team players just do this in high volume. You can even try focusing on a single player and watching his price fluctuate to decide when you should buy and when to sell. Often times, certain players will sell for low at the beginning of the day but will rise towards the end of the day. Go by U.K. times as that's FIFA 13's biggest market.


    Consumables are a bit of a unique market in that every Ultimate Team player will need them from time to time, and they'll need a lot if they're playing games frequently. Because these items are generally much cheaper than players, people are willing to pay a bit extra just to get them and not have to worry about them anymore. You can take advantage of this by targeting high use items such as Contract, Fitness, or Injury/Health cards and buying only the cheapest you can find. Sometimes this will require you to bid for items just before their time runs out, but ultimately if you can manage a 100 coin profit margin, you should be good.

    Consider buying packs/coins

    I'm not going to go too in depth with this, but just think about it: How much time do you spend trading and using these time-consuming methods in pursuit of coins/packs? Isn't you're time worth much more than that if you have some kind of job. Last year, you could buy 100,000 coins on eBay for less than $10, but I personally can't advocate that as it's against EA rules to buy coins that way. What isn't against the rules, however, is to simply buy Microsoft points or PS3 points to buy packs and hope you get good players. From time to time, there are happy hours in which packs are discounted or have a higher chance of yielding good players. Just think about it though, is trading really worth your time if you don't actually enjoy doing it?
    Top Five Fastest Players:
    Guillermo Rojas 96 Pace From San Luis From Mexico.

    Theo Walcott 96 Pace From Arsneal. From England.

    Jonathan Biabiany 96 Pace Parma FC From From France

    DaMarcus Beasley 94 Pace Puebla F.C. From United States

    Martín Bravo 94 Pace U.N.A.M From Argentina.
    Fifa Ea Season Ticket/Pass
    What are the benefits of purchasing EA SPORTS' Season Ticket?
    •Early Access to FIFA 13
    •US: Sept 21, 2012 (Retail: Sept 25, 2012)
    •Europe: Sept 22, 2012 (Retail: Sept 28, 2012)
    •Australia: Sept 22, 2012 (Retail: Sept 26, 2012)
    •New Zealand: Sept 22, 2012 (Retail: Sept 27, 2012)
    •24 FIFA Ultimate Team 13 Gold Premium Packs. One delivered each week.
    •20% discount off all packs in FIFA Ultimate Team 13.
    •Free access to FIFA 13 Creation Centre downloadable content
    •You also get early access for fifa 14 like you would have with fifa 13 if you had a pass when buying fifa 12. You can buy a Season Ticket for 2100 MSP from the Xbox Live Market place.
    Thanks you for looking if there is anything I have missed please post and I might add it.

    Please give me credit where due :)

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