FIFA 13 demo confirmed

xtruk Aug 14, 2012

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    A FIFA 13 demo will launch on September 11, 2012 ahead of the game's release date later in the month, EA's confirmed.

    During its Gamescom press conference this afternoon EA also announced that the series' Football Club feature is introducing Match Day, which lets players hear about real-world developments through FIFA's in-game commentary.
    Match Day will also affect gameplay, so in-game stats will reflect on-pitch performance, while fixtures will change based on what's happening in the real world.
    EA says: Football Club Match Day will drive real-world news ripped from the headlines around the world into FIFA Soccer 13. Real-world drama such as injuries, suspensions, team form, and media gossip will be reflected through in-game commentary and play out in-game.
    Through EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day, fans will be following the heartbeat of soccer and their favourite club. Real-world fixtures and upcoming clashes of their favourite club in the top leagues will enable them to play right along with the beats of the season. Player form-displayed in detail within the team management screens-will change frequently, so players in form, or players struggling to keep form, will see their stats change throughout the season based on their real-world performances. Plus, Games of the Week will highlight the top global matchups for fans to enjoy.
    EA has confirmed a FIFA 13 release date of September 25 in the US and September 28 in the UK and Europe.

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