FIFA 12 demo released now available on Xbox LIVE

XPGBuSh Sep 13, 2011

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    The eagerly awaited FIFA 12 demo is now available to Xbox 360 gamers via Xbox Live ahead of the official FIFA 12 release date later this month. Measuring in at a hefty 1.2GB in size the FIFA 12 demo release is available for download to all Gold Xbox Live members with PlayStation fans to gain access to the market leading football sim tomorrow, September 14th. FIFA 12 developer EA Sports yesterday released three new FIFA 12 trailers teasing the demo’s arrival and offing a first look at the new player skills being introduced to the latest instalment to the acclaimed football franchise. Taking a virtual walk out into Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium FIFA 12 demo content will allow eager gamers to play as Barcelona, Arsenal, Man City, Marseille, Dortmund or AC Milan. A FIFA 12 UK release date has been set for September 30th with a new collision engine one of the biggest new additions to the title.

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    It's added a better tackling feature so no more just holding "A" for you lazy guys lol, GFX look amazing as usual and game play is better than ever too, no multi-player on the demo though.

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