Far Cry 4: No Competitive Multiplayer Map Editor at Launch

Bullet Nov 14, 2014

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    It has been confirmed by Ubisoft that Far Cry 4's map editor will not support competitive multiplayer levels at launch which has angered a lot of longstanding Far Cry fans.

    This is yet another slap in the face for gamers that have supported developers over the years only to receive rushed out , unfinished or sloppily coded games.

    Fans of Far Cry are not sitting back and taking this news lightly and have voiced their anger via a 170 post thread over on the Ubisoft forums.This has forced Alex Hutchinson 'Creative Director at Ubisoft Montreal' to take to Twitter to explain the situation and also defend Ubisoft against claims that the Multiplayer map editor was there initially and has been removed for the launch of the game.

    One fan on Twitter stated that "You have one angry dedicated map making community. " Whilst another asked "As a community we are upset but what would it take for the map editor to work with the multiplayer as well?" To which Alex replied "We're going to keep supporting the game so hopefully we can get it done post release. No promises but we will try."

    As for the allegations that the map editor was removed , Alex replied "It wasn't removed: the MP was rebuilt from scratch."
    Whatever the situation with the Multiplayer map editor, the end result is that fans feel as if they have been fleeced and there is already quite a backlash on the Internet.

    Hopefully Ubisoft do their best to get the multiplayer map editor added in a.s.a.p to keep the loyal fanbase happy.
    Developers seem to have lost sight of the fact its the fans that keep them in business somewhere along the line, and need to sit back and listen before pushing out half baked games.

    What are your thoughts? let us know in the comments below.
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