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    I am beyond frustration! I used to edit game saves on the 360 with no problems and now i cant seem to find a way to edit pc game saves. I'm here thinking there would be a simple fallout 3 edit tool for pc, why so many 360 tools and nothing for pc??? Anyone care to help me out?
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    in sidey's basement :(
    best thing to use would be the console commands for pc mate
    Result Cheat Code
    God mode, infinite ammo, and infinite weight capacity tgm
    No clipping mode tcl
    All mapmarkers tmm1
    Disable enemy combat AI tcai
    Kill selected target Kill
    Kill everyone in area Killall
    Toggle fog of war tfow
    Toggle debug display tdt
    Toggle AI tai
    Teleport to room with all items coc testqaitems
    Toggle free camera mode tfc
    Toggle HUD tm
    Teleport back to game coc megatoncommonhouse
    Get indicated number of Caps player.additem 000000F [number]
    Spawn indicated number of items in % condition player.additem [item code], [number], [condition 1-100]
    Spawn indicated number of persons or objects player.placeatme [object code], [number], [x axis], [y axis]
    Remove indicated item, person or object player.removeitem [object or item code], [number]
    Get indicated perk player.addperk [perk code]
    Remove indicated perk player.removeperk [perk code]
    Get indicated aid or perk effect player.addspell [perk or aid code]
    Give player ownership of selected item Setownership
    Set player level player.setlevel [number]
    Move to indicated NPC player.moveto [NPC ID]
    Add indicated number of experience points rewardXP [number]
    Add indicated number of Karma points rewardKarma [number]
    Add indicated number of Tag Skill Points addtagskills [number]
    Add indicated number of points to your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats modpca [attribute] [number]
    Add indicated number of points to your skills modpcs [skill name] [number]
    Add indicated number of Special Points addspecialpoints [number]
    Set Special Points setspecialpoints [number]
    Set ability (sneak, barter, etc.) score player.setAV [ability] [number]
    Set skill values player.ForceAV [number]
    Permanently set number of action points player.setav actionpoints [number]
    Set percentage of physical damage absorbed by player player.setav damageresist [1-85]
    Set percentage of radiation absorbed by player player.setav radresist [1-85]
    Set percentage of poison damage absorbed by player player.setav poisonresist [0-100]
    Set percentage of fire damage absorbed by player player.setav fireresist [0-100]
    Set melee damage done by player player.setav meleedamage [number]
    Set unarmed damage; must have no weapons equipped player.setav unarmeddamage [number]
    Set chance to score a critical hit player.setav critchance [0-100]
    Set weight limit setgs fAVDCarryWeightsBase [number]
    Set strength multiplier for weight limit setgs fAVDCarryWeightMult [number]
    Set maximum carrying weight player.setAV carryweight [number]
    Set jump height; default is 64 setgs fJumpHeightMin [number]
    Set run speed; default is 4 setgs fMoveRunMult [number]
    Fully heal player or selected NPC Resethealth
    Set maximum level obtainable through experience gain setgs iMaxCharacterLevel [level number]
    Can wear Brotherhood Of Steel armor without training SetPCCanUsePowerArmor 1
    Age or de-age targeted character agerace [1 or -1]
    Age or de-age yourself player.agerace [1 or -1]
    Equip existing item in selected target's inventory EquipItem [item code]
    Un-equip existing item in selected target's inventory UnEquipItem [item code]
    Disable all mines disableallmines
    Remove all weapons and clothes from target Removeallitems
    Resurrect dead target resurrect
    Get information on the selected target's value GetAVInfo [actor value]
    Match geometry of an NPCs face Player.MatchFaceGeometry [number]
    Purge cell buffer; frees memory and may increase performance pcb
    Selects an object; use PRID player to select yourself PRID [name]
    Set how much an NPC has to trade with SetBarterGold [number]
    Set name of selected NPC setactorfullname "[first name] [last name]"
    Set your character's name player.setactorfull name "[first name] [last name]"
    Teleport to quest's target location movetoqt [optional quest ID]
    All items for current quest GetQC
    Complete objectives for current quest CompleteAllObjectives or CompleteQuest
    Complete current quest GetQuestCompleted
    Reset current quest ResetQuest
    Toggle Power Armor use setpccanusepowerarmor [0 or 1]
    Sets Tag Skill Points settagskills [number]
    Modifies player's desired skill player.modav [skill name] [number]
    Permanently set player's maximum HP player.modav health [number]
    Turn back into child SetPCYoung
    Change size of selected object or NPC; default is 1 setscale [-10 to 10]
    Change player size; 1 = large, -1 =normal player.modScale [-1 or 1]
    Modify your characters appearance again showracemenu
    Change your name ShowNameMenu
    Change gender SexChange
    Gain one level getXPfornextlevel or advlevel
    Remove player from all factions removefromallfactions
    Move during intermission sequences EnablePlayerControls
    Unlock selected lock or terminals unlock
    Activate last locked door needed to be opened from another place activate
    Disable mines DisableAllMines
    List all items you have player.showinventory
    Sets an NPC as essential (unkillable) SetEssential [NPC ID] 1
    Dogmeat is marked as unkillable setessential 6a772 1
    Display file with all objects and their ID Form codes (unique for each save) save fred 1
    Set game speed set timescale to [number]
    View ending exit vats
    Save with a custom save name save [filename]
    Load saved game load [filename]
    Immediately quit game QQQ
    List all console commands help

    Item codes
    Use one of the following values with the "player.additem [item code], [number], [condition 1-100]" and "player.removeitem [item code], [number]" codes:

    Item Code

    .308 Caliber Round 0006B53C
    .32 Caliber Round 000207F7
    .44 Round Magnum 0002937E
    10mm Round 00004241
    5.56mm Round 00078CC4
    5.56mm Round 00004240
    5mm Round 0006B53D
    5mm Round 000615A8
    Alien Powercell 00029364
    BB - Ammo 0002935B
    Bottlecap Mines 0000433A
    Dart 00047419
    Dart 0002936E
    Electron Charge Pack 000615AF
    Electron Charge Pack 0006B53E
    Energy Cell 00020772
    Energy Cell 00078CC2
    Flamer Fuel 00029371
    Flamer Fuel 00078CC1
    Frag Grenades 00004330
    Frag Mines 0000433C
    Mesmetron Power Cell 0006A80D
    Microfusion Cell 00078CC3
    Microfusion Cell 00004485
    Mini Nuke 00020799
    Missile 000B8791
    Missile 0005F706
    Missile 00078CC5
    Missiles 00029383
    Pulse Grenades 00004331
    Railway Spikes 00029384
    Shotgun Shell 00028EEA
    Shotgun Shell 0004C5F9
    Sonic Energy 00056634

    Advanced Radiation Suit 0003307A
    All-Purpose Science Suit 000CB605
    Apocalypse Gladiator Armor 000CB5F6
    Apocalypse Gladiator Helmet 000CB5F7
    Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit 00034121
    Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit 0006C587
    Army Power Armor 00061A72
    Athlete of the Wastes Outfit 000340FB
    Ballcap with Glasses 00028FFA
    Bandana 00073D57
    Biker Goggles 0009B188
    BirthSkirt 0007CFF0
    Blast Off Helmet 0007494C
    Blast Off Pajamas 0005B6EA
    Boogeyman's Hood 0008F775
    Brahmin-Skin Outfit 00018DE5
    Brotherhood of Steel Powered Armor 00075203
    Brotherhood of Steel Powered Helmet 00075201
    Brotherhood Power Armor 00075201
    Brotherhood Power Helmet 00075203
    Brotherhood Scribe Robe 000854CF
    Button's Wig 0008A6DD
    Child Blastoff Helmet 0007C109
    Chinese Commando Hat 00078646
    Chinese Jumpsuit 000340D2
    Colonel Autumn's Uniform 0005157E
    Combat Armor 00020420
    Combat Helmet 00020426
    Commando Armor 000CB544
    Composite Recon Armor 000CB5FA
    Composite Recon Helmet 000CB5FB
    Crow's Eyebot Helmet 000B17A0
    Crow's Eyebot Helmet 000B17A0
    Dad's Wasteland Outfit 00079F09
    Defender Armor 000CB543
    Dirty Chinese Jumpsuit 000340D3
    Dirty Chinese Jumpsuit 000CB603
    Dirty Pre-War Businesswear 0005C682
    Dirty Pre-War Casualwear 000340CF
    Dirty Pre-War Kid's Outfit 000340C4
    Dirty Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit 0005BB70
    Dirty Pre-War Relaxedwear 0005BB6F
    Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit 000340D1
    Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit 00066C71
    Doctor Li's Glasses 0005C9A0
    Doctor Li's Outfit 000340DA
    Elder Lyons' Robe 00087274
    Enclave Officer Hat 00078647
    Enclave Officer Uniform 000340DE
    Enclave Power Armor 00023B62
    Enclave Power Armor 0004443E
    Enclave Scientist Outfit 0001B5BD
    Enclave Shocktrooper Armor 000CB5F3
    Enclave Shocktrooper Helmet 000CB5F4
    Environment Suit 000C09D4
    Eulogy Jones' Hat 00034126
    Explorer's Gear 000CB549
    Eyebot Helmet 0004E6A0
    Eyeglasses 000340FD
    Ghoul Mask 0001DC1C
    GlassesReadingChild 0005DC82
    Grimy Pre-War Businesswear 000B1056
    Hand-Me-Down Raider Armor 000CB5FE
    Handyman Jumpsuit 000BF6FD
    Hat of the People 000CB604
    Head Wrap 00074296
    Head Wrap 00074334
    Head Wrap 00074335
    Head Wrap 00074336
    Highway Scar Armor 000CB5FF
    Hockey Mask 00033598
    Junior Officer Outfit 000340F9
    Kid's Ballcap with Glasses 0009B185
    Kid's Baseball Cap 000340C1
    Kid's Cave Rat Outfit 000340E4
    Kid's Murray the Mole Hat 00078643
    Kid's Party Hat 00028FF8
    Kid's Police Hat 000340E1
    Lab Technician Outfit 000340D7
    Leather Armor 00020423
    Leather Armor 0002DC05
    Leather Armor 00066C72
    Leather Armor 00066C74
    Ledoux's Hockey Mask 0007401C
    Lesko's Lab Coat 000C24F9
    Lincoln's Hat 0004445B
    Linden's Outcast Power Armor 00070877
    Lucky Shades 000CB54B
    Lyons' Pride Power Armor 00061A73
    MacCready's Helmet 0002D11B
    Makeshift Gas Mask 000C111A
    Maple's Garb 0005A6CA
    Mayor MacCready's Outfit 000340E7
    Merc Adventurer Outfit 00034124
    Merc Charmer Outfit 00034122
    Merc Charmer Outfit 000CB606
    Merc Cruiser Outfit 000C5D34
    Merc Cruiser Outfit 000CB60B
    Merc Grunt Outfit 000A3045
    Merc Grunt Outfit 000CB60A
    Merc Troublemaker Outfit 00034123
    Merc Veteran Outfit 0008C83C
    Metal Armor 0003307F
    Metal Helmet 00033080
    Modified Utility Jumpsuit 0007C17C
    Motorcycle Helmet 0009B186
    Mysterious Stranger Hat 0006B467
    Mysterious Stranger Outfit 0006696D
    Naughty Nightwear 000C8E07
    Oasis Druid Hood 0009B18A
    Oasis Exile Hood 000C942D
    Oasis Robe 000340E8
    Oasis Villager Robe 000340E9
    Outcast Power Armor 00060C70
    Outcast Power Helmet 00060C72
    Outcast Recon Helmet 000645ED
    Party Hat 00050E44
    Party HatStanley 000B75E2
    Pint-Sized Slasher Mask 000340FC
    Pip-Boy 3000 00015038
    Pip-Boy 3000 000236D8
    Pip-Boy Glove 00025B83
    Police Hat 000AB491
    Poplar's Hood 0005A6CB
    Power Armor 00014E13
    Power Armor 00025083
    Power Armor 00066C73
    Power Helmet 00014C08
    Power-Suit Armor 000CB60C
    Pre-War Baseball Cap 00028FF9
    Pre-War Bonnet 000340CD
    Pre-War Casualwear 0001EA6D
    Pre-War Casualwear 000CB60D
    Pre-War Hat 000340C8
    Pre-War Kid's Outfit 000340C3
    Pre-War Outfit and Watch 0008198C
    Pre-War Outfit and Watch 000ABBE2
    Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit 0005BB66
    Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit 000CB60F
    Pre-War Relaxedwear 0005BB63
    Pre-War Spring Outfit 000340D0
    Prototype Medic Power Armor 0007836E
    Pyro Helmet 000CB600
    Radiation Suit 00033078
    Ragamuffin Outfit 000340F8
    Ragamuffin Tophat 00074950
    Raider Arclight Helmet 00078644
    Raider Badlands Armor 0003307D
    Raider Blastmaster Armor 0003307E
    Raider Blastmaster Helmet 0005B6E8
    Raider Painspike Armor 0002042F
    Raider Psycho-Tic Helmet 00020432
    Raider Sadist Armor 0003307C
    Raider Wastehound Helmet 00078645
    Ranger Armor 00023030
    Ranger Battle Armor 00023030
    Ranger Battle Helmet 00034105
    Recon Armor Helmet 00028EAD
    Recon Armor 0003064D
    Red Racer Jumpsuit 0003411B
    Red's Bandana 000340EB
    Red's Jumpsuit 000340EA
    Regulator Duster 0003E54A
    Rivet City Security Helmet 000239CB
    Rivet City Security Uniform 000239CC
    Road Rascal Leather Armor 000CB5F5
    RobCo Jumpsuit 0003411A
    Robo-Thor Helmet 000CB5F8
    Roving Trader Hat 00078648
    Roving Trader Outfit 0002B385
    Scientist Outfit 000340D9
    Sexy Sleepwear 000340E6
    Shady Hat 0007C17D
    Sharp-Dressed Raider's Armor 000CB5FC
    Shellshocked Combat Armor 000CB5EF
    Shellshocked Combat Helmet 000CB5F0
    Sheriff's Duster 00020429
    Sheriff's Hat 0002DD80
    Slave Collar 0002F563
    Slave Collar 0003D1FE
    Sleepwear 000CB60E
    Stormchaser Hat 0009B189
    Sunglasses 0005C99F
    Surgical Mask 0003E591
    T-51b Power Armor 000A6F77
    T-51b Power Helmet 000A6F78
    Takoma Park Little Leaguer Cap 000C72FB
    Talon Combat Armor 000A6F76
    Talon Combat Armor 000CB5F2
    Talon Combat Helmet 000B0278
    Talon Combat Helmet 000CB5F1
    Talon Company Armor 000A6F76
    Tenpenny Security Helmet 0005B6EB
    Tenpenny Security Uniform 00034119
    Tenpenny's Suit 00096CB7
    Tesla Armor 0006B464
    Tesla Armor 0008F571
    Tesla Helmet 0006B465
    The AntAgonizer's Costume 0003411D
    The AntAgonizer's Helmet 0003411F
    The Devil's Pigtails 000CB5FD
    The Mechanist's Costume 0003411E
    The Mechanist's Helmet 00034120
    The Surgeon's Lab Coat 000C71E1
    Three Dog's Glasses 000ACDA4
    Three Dog's Head Wrap 00073FEC
    Tinted Reading Glasses 0001C295
    Torcher's Mask 000C7C4E
    Tortiseshell Glasses 0005C9A1
    Tunnel Snake Outfit 0002042E
    Tunnel Snake Outfit 00061D98
    Underwear 00089B52
    Vance's Longcoat Outfit 00083C5C
    Vault 101 Child's Jumpsuit 000340F2
    Vault 101 Security Armor 0001CBDD
    Vault 101 Security Helmet 0003411C
    Vault 101 Utility Jumpsuit 000425BA
    Vault 106 Jumpsuit 000B73F2
    Vault 108 Jumpsuit 000B73F1
    Vault 112 Jumpsuit 000340EF
    Vault 77 Jumpsuit 000CAFBE
    Vault 87 Jumpsuit 000340ED
    Vault 92 Jumpsuit 000B73F3
    Vault Lab Uniform 0001CBDC
    Wanderer's Leather Armor 000C7C54
    Wasteland Doctor Fatigues 000340FE
    Wasteland Legend Outfit 000CB609
    Wasteland Scout Hat 00074952
    Wasteland Scout Uniform 000340FA
    Wasteland Surgeon Outfit 000340FF
    Wasteland Wanderer Outfit 0001BA00

    Agility 000388E5
    Barter 000388F3
    Big Guns 00038906
    Charisma 00038850
    Endurance 00038834
    Endurance 00038834
    Energy Weapons 0003892F
    Explosives 00038930
    Intelligence 0003885C
    Lockpick 00038931
    Luck 000388E6
    Medicine 00038950
    Melee Weapons 00038951
    Perception 00038833
    Perception 00038833
    Repair 00038952
    Repair 00038952
    Science 00038953
    Small Guns 00038954
    Sneak 00038955
    Speech 00038956
    Strength 00038832
    Unarmed 00038958

    Big Book of Science 0003403C
    Big Book of Science 0002D3A4
    Chinese Army: Spec. Ops. Training Manual 00034045
    D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine 00034043
    Dean's Electronics 0003403D
    Duck and Cover! 0006A80C
    Footlocker 000199C2
    Grognak the Barbarian 00034040
    Guns and Bullets 0003403E
    Lying, Congressional Style 00034044
    Motivational Secrets of the Stars 0002D3A3
    Nikola Tesla and You 00034041
    Paradise Lost 000BACFE
    Pugilism Illustrated 0003403F
    Survival Guide Manuscript 0002D3B2
    Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor 00034042
    Tumblers Today 00034046
    U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes 00034048
    Wasteland Survival Guide 000C5634
    You're SPECIAL! 000AB2EF

    Ant Meat 0003C345
    Ant Queen Pheromones 00033068
    Beer 00015197
    Berry Mentats 000BF7C6
    Blamco Mac and Cheese 0008C556
    Bloatfly Meat 0007C10D
    Blood Pack 00034051
    Brahmin Steak 00015198
    Bubblegum 0008C560
    Buffout 00015163
    Cave Fungus 00038E0C
    Cram 0008C552
    Crispy Squirrel Bits 00031948
    Crunchy Mutfruit 0001519C
    Dandy Boy Apples 0008C554
    Dirty Water 000151A4
    Dog Meat 00034050
    Fancy Lads Snack Cakes 0008C55A
    Fire Ant Nectar 00085ABB
    Fresh Apple 00015196
    Fresh Carrot 00015199
    Fresh Pear 0001519F
    Fresh Potato 000151A0
    Grape Mentats 000BF7C5
    Gum Drops 0008C564
    Hatchling Mirelurk Meat 00065175
    Human Flesh 0003404F
    Ice Cold Nuka-Cola 00040DCB
    Iguana Bits 0001519A
    Iguana on a Stick 0001519B
    InstaMash 0008C558
    Jet 00015164
    Junk Food 0003359C
    Med-X 00050F8F
    Mentats 00015165
    Mirelurk Cakes 0003404D
    Mirelurk Meat 0003404E
    Miss. Quantum Pie 00049076
    Mole Rat Meat 0003404C
    Mole Rat Wonder Meat 000ABD17
    Mutfruit 00034049
    Noodles 0001519D
    Nuka-Cola 0001519E
    Nuka-Cola Quantum 000284F9
    NukaLurk Meat 00095F48
    Orange Mentats 000BF7C7
    Pork N' Beans 0008C55E
    Potato Crisps 0008C562
    Psycho 00015166
    Purified Water 000151A3
    Radroach Meat 0009C957
    Salisbury Steak 000293A9
    Scotch 000151A1
    Softshell Mirelurk Meat 000552CE
    Squirrel on a Stick 00031949
    Squirrel Stew 0003194A
    Stimpaks 00015169
    Strange Meat 0002E376
    Strange Meat Pie 0007E173
    Sugar Bombs 0008C551
    Sweetroll 00030A23
    Ultrajet 000C9CF4
    Vodka 00032C74
    Whiskey 00032C75
    Wine 0003404A
    Yao Guai Meat 0003404B
    YumYum Deviled Eggs 0008C55C

    Bobby Pins 0000000A
    Bottle Caps 0000000F
    Finger 000604DE
    Medical Brace 0002210D
    Stealth Boy 00043E94

    .32 Pistol 0000080A
    .44 magnum 00050F92
    10mm Pistol 0001A334
    10mm Pistol 0000434F
    10mm Pistol 0006F210
    10mm SMG (Sydney's "Ultra") 0006E7CC
    10mm Sub Machine gun 00004321
    A3-21's Plasma Rifle 0006B539
    Acid Spit 000B8793
    Acid Spit 0006E8CE
    Alien Blaster 00004322
    Ant's Sting 000C553E
    Assault Rifle 0001FFEC
    Baseball Bat 0000421C
    BB Gun 000C0327
    BB Gun 00004323
    Black Bart's Bane 0006B535
    Blackhawk 000303A2
    Board of Education 000C310F
    Bottlecap Mine 0000433A
    Brass Knuckles 00004324
    Breaker 000CB546
    Butch's Toothpick 00078440
    Buzzsaw 0003BC6F
    Chinese Assault Rifle 00046BDD
    Chinese Assault Rifle 0000080B
    Chinese Officer's Sword 0006415D
    Chinese Officer's Sword 0002B3CB
    Chinese Pistol 00004325
    Chinese Pistol (Zhu-Rong v418) 00060C2C
    Clover's Cleaver 000C80B8
    Col. Autumn's 10mm Pistol 0006B531
    Col. Autumn's Laser Pistol 000ABBE4
    Combat Knife 00004326
    Combat Knife 00064093
    Combat Shotgun 0003713D
    Combat Shotgun 00004327
    Curse Breaker 000C80BB
    Dart Gun 0000432A
    Deathclaw Gauntlet 0000432B
    Electrical Zap 00022FF1
    Eugene 0006B538
    Excalibat 000C80BC
    Experimental MIRV 0003422B
    Fat Man 0000432C
    Fawkes' Super Sledge 0007843F
    Fire Hydrant 00021367
    Firelance 000C80BA
    Fisto! 000CB601
    Flamer 00078C60
    Flamer 0000432D
    Flamer 000C58EE
    Flamer 000A0C02
    Flamer 0009E8DF
    Flamer 0007C10B
    Flamer 00039550
    Frag Grenade 00004330
    Frag Mine 0000433C
    Frag Mine 00028172
    GasTrap Dummy 000001F6
    Gatling Laser 0000432E
    Gatling Laser 0000432E
    Hand Laser 00018B9E
    Highwayman's Friend 00078442
    Hunting Rifle 00004333
    Jack 000C6E5B
    Knife 00004334
    Laser 00050ED0
    Laser 0007B23A
    Laser 0007B237
    Laser Pistol 000B4178
    Laser Pistol 00063E8A
    Laser Pistol 00004335
    Laser Rifle 00074795
    Laser Rifle 00004336
    Law Dog 0006B532
    Lead Pipe 00004337
    Liberty Laser 00033FE2
    LibertyPrimeWeapBomb 0005932F
    Lincoln's Repeater 0003C07A
    Love Tap 000C80B9
    Mesmeron 00004339
    Mesmetron 000BF5A4
    Minigun 0000433F
    Mirelurk Bait Grenade 00030664
    Miss Launcher 000B2644
    Missile Launcher 00057E8F
    Missile Launcher 00004340
    Nail Board 000A01DD
    Nail Board 00063FDC
    Nuka-Grenade 00004342
    O'Grady's Peacemaker 0007843D
    Occam's Razor 000CB602
    Ol' Painless 00066C76
    Plasma Grenade 00004332
    Plasma Gun 0007C10C
    Plasma Gun 0003954F
    Plasma Mine 0000433D
    Plasma Pistol 00004343
    Plasma Rifle 00004344
    Plunkett's Valid Points 000CAFA9
    Police Batton 00004345
    Pool Cue 00004346
    Power Fist 00004347
    Protectron's Gaze 000C553F
    Pulse Grenade 00004331
    Pulse Mine 0000433E
    Radioactive Spit 00058717
    Railway Rifle 00004348
    Repellent Stick 0002D3B7
    Reservist's Rifle 00092966
    Ripper 00004349
    Rock-it launcher 0000434B
    Rolling Pin 00029769
    Rolling Pin 000B2943
    Sawed-Off Shotgun 0000434C
    Sawed-Off Shotgun 000AE8AE
    Scoped .44 Magnum 0000434D
    SentryBot Laser Gatling 000389AF
    SentryBot Minigun 00057E8E
    Shishkebab 0000434E
    Shriek 0007F598
    Silenced 10mm Pistol 00004350
    Slasher Knife 0002869C
    Sledge Hammer 00004351
    Sledgehammer 00063FA2
    Smuglers End (Laser Pistol) 0006B536
    Sniper Rifle 00004353
    Spiked Knuckels 00004354
    Stabhappy 000C80BE
    Super Sledge 000B0E7C
    Super Sledge 00004352
    Switchblade 0006407F
    Switchblade 000289C3
    Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG 0005DEEE
    The Break 00066C77
    The Kneecapper 0006B53A
    The Shocker 000BFF62
    The Tenderizer 000A874B
    The Terrible Shotgun 0006B534
    Tire Iron 00004328
    Vampire's Edge 00078441
    Vertibird Bomb Gun 0003E5E2
    Vertibird Gun 00089C51
    Victory Rifle 000CB548
    Wazer Wifle 00061793

    Person and object codes
    Use one of the following values with the "player.placeatme [object code], [number], [x axis], [y axis]" code. Note: Use "1" for the value of the x axis and y axis. You can use the same values with the "player.removeitem [object or item code], [number]" code to remove the same item.

    Result Code
    Andy 0009B172
    Andy 0006B237
    Andy 00074163
    AudioTemplateAntQueen 000B15F9
    AudioTemplateBlowFly 0009B91A
    AudioTemplateBrahmin 00028047
    AudioTemplateBrahminPack 000AA7C0
    AudioTemplateDeathclaw 000A7B1E
    AudioTemplateDog 0003E632
    AudioTemplateFeralGhoul 00065712
    AudioTemplateMirelurk 00078803
    AudioTemplateMirelurkKing 000C4977
    AudioTemplateMoleRat 0007079D
    AudioTemplateRadRoach 0003AEF7
    AudioTemplateRadScorpion 000AF619
    AudioTemplateRobotMrHandy 0004D036
    AudioTemplateRobotProtectron 0005FCCB
    AudioTemplateRobotRobobrain 0005CC52
    AudioTemplateRobotSentrybot 0005CC51
    AudioTemplateSentryTurret 000B9B5C
    AudioTemplateSuperMutantBehemoth 00024103
    AudioTemplateTurretCeiling 0001E821
    AudioTemplateYaoGuai 0003FB04
    Backup Protectron Unit 000C053E
    Bandit 0007DCFB
    Bloatfly 00092C3D
    Brahmin 00021490
    Brahmin 000A4E5D
    Brahmin 00027FAD
    Brahmin 000CA032
    Brahmin 000A5396
    Brahmin 0001F67C
    Brahmin 0001CFA2
    Brahmin 0008B5FE
    Brahmin 0007E1B4
    Button Gwinnett 00003A78
    Centaur 00068646
    Centaur 0001CF90
    Cerberus 0002B8EA
    Clancy 0002D3BE
    Crow's Pack Brahmin 00027DEB
    Dean Dewey 0002F582
    Deathclaw 000AF836
    Deathclaw 000C290A
    Deathclaw 000B0449
    Deathclaw 00031E29
    Deathclaw 000BCC4D
    Deathclaw 0004E140
    Deathclaw 0004EE09
    Deathclaw 0003210D
    Deathclaw 0001CF72
    Deathclaw 0001CF9A
    Deathclaw 000C3280
    Deputy Steel 0001D76F
    Deputy Weld 0002040E
    Doc 0004E79C
    Dog 0001CF9C
    Dog 00076926
    Dogmeat 0006A772
    Enclave Eyebot 00062DEA
    Enclave Eyebot 00079F2B
    Enclave Eyebot 0005AE49
    Enclave Eyebot 0006A901
    Enclave Eyebot 00059BC0
    Enclave Eyebot 0001CF73
    Enclave Eyebot 00062EAC
    Enclave Eyebot 00043EC0
    Enclave Eyebot 00097161
    Enclave Sentry Bot 000AEC21
    Enclave Sentry Bot 000AEC51
    Enclave Sentry Bot 000AF5E5
    Enclave Sentry Bot 000AF5E4
    Ethyl 0002B8E5
    Eye Intercom 00034020
    Eye Intercom 000BC11C
    Eye Intercom 0008F086
    Factory Protectron 000BAE92
    Failed FEV Subject 0007B861
    Fawkes 0003D34E
    Feral Ghoul 0009FAFA
    Feral Ghoul 000BAD1A
    Feral Ghoul 00072B87
    Feral Ghoul 00072B59
    Feral Ghoul 00052B9A
    Feral Ghoul 00003AD8
    Feral Ghoul 0005C342
    Feral Ghoul 000AE86C
    Feral Ghoul 0001CF7A
    Feral Ghoul Roamer 00072B8A
    Feral Ghoul Roamer 00072B88
    Feral Ghoul Roamer 00072B79
    Feral Ghoul Roamer 0001CF77
    Feral Ghoul Roamer 00072B7F
    Feral Ghoul Roamer 000A09CF
    Fire Ant 000C8063
    Fire Ant Nest Guardian 0006020B
    Fire Ant Soldier 000AEDE4
    Fire Ant Soldier 000393ED
    Fire Ant Soldier 000854D5
    Fire Ant Warrior 000C58EF
    Fire Ant Warrior 000C72C9
    Fire Ant Worker 000393EC
    Fire Ant Worker 000AEDE3
    Fire Ant Worker 00083EB5
    Fluffy 0001FEC8
    Four Score 00027FA7
    Giant Ant 00027053
    Giant Ant 0001FB34
    Giant Ant 000BF5B8
    Giant Ant 0002F005
    Giant Ant Queen 0001CF7F
    Giant Ant Queen 00034785
    Giant Radscorpion 000307C2
    Giant Radscorpion 0001CF9E
    Giant Radscorpion 00032D2B
    Giant Soldier Ant 0001CF80
    Giant Soldier Ant 00032D2A
    Giant Soldier Ant 00029036
    Giant Worker Ant 0001CF81
    Ginger 0007DD06
    Glowing One 0003D807
    Glowing One 00058772
    Glowing One 00072B82
    Glowing One 00073204
    Glowing One 0001CF7B
    Godfrey 0007F476
    Harith's Pack Brahmin 00027DE7
    Hoff's Pack Brahmin 00031189
    Hooligan 0007DCF5
    Invader Ant 00034777
    Jitters 0002F585
    Liberty Prime 0005FD26
    Mad Brahmin 000CAAC0
    Maintenance Protectron 0002D509
    Marigold Ant Queen 0003181D
    Mark I Turret 000603AA
    Mark II Turret 0008F7B0
    Mark II Turret 0006F772
    Mark II Turret 0007B235
    Mark II Turret 0008646C
    Mark II Turret 0008646B
    Mark II Turret 0008646A
    Mark IV Turret 0007B23B
    Mark IV Turret 0008646E
    Mark IV Turret 0008646F
    Mark IV Turret 0008646D
    Mark V Turret 000A8A5C
    Mark VI Turret 0003118D
    Mark VI Turret 0007C166
    Masterbrain 0001EE61
    Meat 0002B8E7
    Metro Protectron 0001D6E2
    Metro Protectron 0003CAC5
    Milo, Shipping Foreman 0004D5B7
    Mirelurk 0004E5EB
    Mirelurk 000A29F4
    Mirelurk 000A289F
    Mirelurk 0001CF83
    Mirelurk Hunter 0001CF84
    Mirelurk King 0007D410
    Mirelurk King 0002D3BD
    Mirelurk King 00047E87
    Mister Buckingham 0001E746
    Mister Gutsy 0009487F
    Mister Gutsy 00021EC1
    Mister Gutsy 0007BDA7
    Mister Gutsy 00021EC0
    Mister Gutsy 00021EBD
    Mister Gutsy 000391AE
    Mister Gutsy 00021EBE
    Mister Handy 00036F89
    Mister Handy 00058A0C
    Mister Handy 000AC5F3
    Mister Handy 00033581
    Mister Handy 0002977A
    Mister Mulberry 0001D770
    Mole Rat 000A3D15
    Mole Rat 0008840C
    Mole Rat 000526E2
    Mole Rat 0005BB10
    Mole Rat 00053389
    Mole Rat 00054D75
    Mole Rat 0001CF9F
    Mr. Handy 000296C5
    Muffy 0003358A
    Mutated Forager Ant 00032909
    Muttface 0007DD0B
    Nuka-Cola Security 00030522
    Outcast Protectron 00071896
    Outcast Robobrain 0006C5CD
    Pete 0007DD0D
    Private Jones 0001E747
    Protectron 0001CF8B
    Protectron 000A53F0
    Protectron 00036F87
    Protectron 000A592B
    Protectron 000ABD6F
    Protectron 0005BB02
    Protectron 00039AF9
    Protectron 000B2997
    Protectron 00067386
    Protectron 0006639F
    Protectron 000663A4
    Protectron 0005AC77
    Protectron 0001CF8E
    Protectron 0006639E
    Protectron 0001CF8D
    Protectron 00094868
    Protectron 0001CF8F
    Protectron 000A4527
    Protectron 000A4426
    Protectron 000A4524
    Protectron 000A4528
    Protectron 000A4529
    Protectron 0005C3AA
    Protectron 00031810
    Protectron 0003995B
    Pumpkin 000C79DE
    Radroach 000C8231
    Radroach 0002D4C7
    Radroach 0002A171
    Radroach 0006490C
    Radroach 0001CF7C
    Radroach 0005B3BE
    Radroach 0002D6F7
    Radroach 00032D2C
    Radroach 000306CC
    Radroach 000C595E
    Radroach 000A11FA
    Radroach 0009E897
    Radroach 0003E592
    Radroach 0001EFE3
    Radroach 00020AF7
    Radroach 000569B2
    Radroach 000522DB
    Radroach 0006B238
    Radroach 0006B970
    Radroach 000A25B1
    Radroach 00030D89
    Radscorpion 00044DCE
    Radscorpion 0001CF9D
    Raider Guard Dog 0001CF87
    Rex 0007DD14
    Robobrain 0001CF6D
    Robobrain 0001CF89
    Robobrain 0001CF74
    Robobrain 0001CF70
    Robobrain 000A5C6C
    Robobrain 000500B8
    Robobrain 0009487E
    Robobrain 0004B03D
    Rotting Brahmin Corpse 0001D3CD
    Samuel 000CAADA
    Sawbones 0002131F
    Scavenger's Dog 00073E07
    Scavenger's Dog 00073242
    Scavenger's Dog 000C938B
    Scavenger's Dog 0007323E
    Scavenger's Dog 00073E10
    Scavenger's Dog 00073E1D
    Scavenger's Yao Guai 00073243
    Scavenger's Yao Guai 00073E1E
    Scavenger's Yao Guai 0007323F
    Scavenger's Yao Guai 0007480F
    Scavenger's Yao Guai 00073E23
    Scavenger's Yao Guai 00073244
    Scavenger's Yao Guai 00073E12
    Scavenger's Yao Guai 00073E08
    Sentry Bot 000A5D4E
    Sentry Bot 0005F9CC
    Sentry Bot 000AB4A1
    Sentry Bot 0001CF8A
    Sentry Bot 0001CF75
    Sentry Bot 0001CF71
    Sentry Bot 0001CF6E
    Sentry Bot 0005F9D1
    Sentry Bot 000A5C6E
    Sentry Bot 00094881
    Sentry Bot 0005F9CB
    Sentry Bot 0002D06B
    Sentry Bot 00094880
    Sentry Bot 0005F9CA
    Sentry Bot 0003A6FF
    Sergeant RL-3 00094867
    Shakes 00018FAE
    Stefan 0006C559
    Super Mutant 000B05E4
    Super Mutant 000B05E5
    Super Mutant 00020776
    Super Mutant 00094EC5
    Super Mutant 00094EC6
    Super Mutant 00027FB4
    Super Mutant 000BE92D
    Super Mutant 0003A147
    Super Mutant 000205D9
    Super Mutant 0001CF93
    Super Mutant 000C8513
    Super Mutant 0004147C
    Super Mutant 000B05E3
    Super Mutant 00014C50
    Super Mutant 0002DB93
    Super Mutant 0001D529
    Super Mutant 0001D6EA
    Super Mutant 0001D6EC
    Super Mutant 0009E8E8
    Super Mutant 0002DB94
    Super Mutant 0009E8E4
    Super Mutant 0009E8E7
    Super Mutant 0009E8E6
    Super Mutant 0009EE04
    Super Mutant 0009E8E9
    Super Mutant 0002AB96
    Super Mutant 0004147E
    Super Mutant 0009E8E5
    Super Mutant 0009E8E3
    Super Mutant 000513EE
    Super Mutant 000251B2
    Super Mutant 00014C79
    Super Mutant 000C34D2
    Super Mutant 00029035
    Super Mutant Behemoth 0001CF95
    Super Mutant Behemoth 0001F567
    Super Mutant Behemoth 0006F587
    Super Mutant Behemoth 00028FED
    Super Mutant Behemoth 0004BAF8
    Super Mutant Behemoth 00097F30
    Super Mutant Brute 0009E8DE
    Super Mutant Brute 00092C4C
    Super Mutant Brute 0003A148
    Super Mutant Brute 00094EC8
    Super Mutant Brute 0009E8E1
    Super Mutant Brute 0009E8E2
    Super Mutant Brute 00094EC7
    Super Mutant Brute 0009E8E0
    Super Mutant Brute 00092C4F
    Super Mutant Brute 00094ECA
    Super Mutant Brute 000513F1
    Super Mutant Brute 00027FB6
    Super Mutant Brute 00027FB3
    Super Mutant Brute 00094EC9
    Super Mutant Master 00027FB2
    Super Mutant Master 00094ECC
    Super Mutant Master 0003A149
    Super Mutant Master 00094ECE
    Super Mutant Master 00094ECB
    Super Mutant Master 00094ECD
    Super Mutant Master 00092C4D
    Super Mutant Master 00092C4E
    Talon Company Guard Dog 0008F0CF
    Thomas Jefferson 000C053F
    Uncle Leo 0004F793
    Vicious Dog 000AB48B
    Vicious Dog 000381DF
    Vicious Dog 0005CC80
    Vicious Dog 000406AA
    Vicious Dog 0001D418
    Wadsworth 0007F477
    Wolfgang's Pack Brahmin 00027DE5
    Yao Guai 0001CFA0
    Yao Guai 000C394C
    Yao Guai 000838B4

    Perk codes
    Use one of the following values with the "player.addperk [perk code]" and "player.removeperk [perk code]" codes. Note: All "Survival" and "Junior Survivor" are perks from "The Wasteland Survival Guide" quest line.

    Perk Code
    Adamantium Skeleton 00094EC4
    Action Boy 00031DBA
    Action Girl 0007B202
    Animal Friend 00031DB5
    Ant Senses (Quest Perk) 000C1A6C
    Ant Strength (Quest Perk) 000C1A6B
    Barkskin (Quest Perk) 00035E04
    Better Criticals 00031DBB
    Black Widow 00094EB8
    Bloody Mess 00094EBA
    Cannible 00094EBC
    Chemist 0009982D
    Chem Resistant 00099827
    Child at Heart 00003142
    Commando 00099828
    Comprehension 00031DE1
    Computer Wiz 00031DC4
    Concentrated Fire 00044CAF
    Contract Killer 00044CA8
    Cyborg 00044CAB
    Daddy's Boy 00044948
    Daddy's Girl 00069310
    Dream Crusher (Quest Perk) 00030FEB
    Demolition Expert 00031DAB
    Educated 00031DD8
    Explorer 00031DE5
    Entomologist 00031DD9
    Fast Metabolism 00094EBF
    Finesse 00094EC1
    Fortune Finder 00031DE3
    Grim Reaper Spirit 00099834
    Gun Nut 0004494E
    Gunslinger 00094EBB
    Hemophiliac (Quest Perk) 00003131
    Here and Now 00031DAC
    Impartial Meditation 00044CAD
    Infiltrator 00044CB0
    Intense Training 00044CB1
    Iron Fist 00031DDB
    Junior Survivor (A) (Quest Perk) +5 Max Health, +2% Rad, Poison Resistance 0002D3A2
    Junior Survivor (B) (Quest Perk) +4 Medicine and Science, +2% Rad and Poison Resistance 000331D4
    Junior Survivor (C) (Quest Perk) +2% Damage and Rad, Poison Resistance 000331D5
    Junior Survivor (D) (Quest Perk) +2 Speech and Sneak, +2% Rad and Poison Resistance 000331D6
    Junior Survivor (E) (Quest Perk) +1% Critical Chance, +2% Rad and Poison Resistance 000331D7
    Lady Killer 00094EB9
    Law Bringer 00044CAC
    Lead Belly 00044CA9
    Light Step 00031DB7
    Life Giver 00031DB1
    Little Leaguer 00014B97
    Master Trader 00031DB8
    Mister Sandman 00031DAD
    Mysterious Stranger 00031DBC
    Nerd Rage 00044CA7
    Night Person 00094EBD
    Ninja 00031DCC
    Paralyzing Palm 00044CAA
    PowerArmor Training (Quest Perk) 00058FDF
    PyroManiac 00031DB2
    Rad Resistance 00031DA9
    Rad Regeneration (Quest Perk) 0003066B
    Robotics Expert 00031DC2
    Scoundrel 00044CA6
    Scrounger 00031DAA
    Silent Running 00031DB3
    Size Matters 0009982E
    Sniper 00031DB4
    Solar Powered 00031DC5
    Strong Back 00031DDE
    Survival Expert (A) (Quest Perk) +10 Max Health,+ 4% Rad and Poison Resistance 0002D3A1
    Survival Expert (B) (Quest Perk) +4 Medicine and Science, +4% Rad and Poison Resistance) 000331D8
    Survival Expert (C) +4% Damage and Rad, Poison Resistance 000331D9
    Survival Expert (D) (Quest Perk) +4 Speech and Sneak, +4% Rad and Poison Resistance) 000331DA
    Survival Expert (E) (Quest Perk) +2% Critical Chance, +4% Rad and Poison Resistance) 000331DB
    Survival Guru (A) (Quest Perk) +15 Max Health, +6% Rad, and Poison Resistance 0002D3A0
    Survival Guru (B) (Quest Perk) +6 Medicine and Science, +6% Rad and Poison Resistance 000331DC
    Survival Guru (C) (Quest Perk) (+6% Damage and Rad, and Poison Resistance 000331DD
    Survival Guru (D) (Quest Perk) +6 Speech and Sneak, +6% Rad, and Poison, Resistance 000331DE
    Survival Guru (E) (Quest Perk) +3% Critical Chance, +6% Rad and Poison Resistance 000331DF
    Swift Learner 00031DD3
    Tag 00031DBD
    Thief 00031DD6
    Toughness 00031DE0
    Well Rested 00061822
    Wired Reflexes (Quest Perk) 00024D5C

    Perk and aid effect codes
    Use one of the following values with the "player.addspell [perk or aid code]" code:

    Result Code
    Action Boy 00031D90
    Action Girl 0007B200
    Adv. Rad Poison 00032DEF
    Agility Boost 000630F1
    Alcohol Withdrawal 0006AA60
    Ant Senses 000C2527
    Ant Strength 000C2526
    Atomization 0005B141
    Average Water 00000147
    Bad Water 00045656
    Barkskin 0006F590
    Barter Boost 000630F3
    Better Rivet City Prices 0006F592
    Big Guns Boost 000630F4
    Bloody Mess 00077641
    Bloody Mess 00079AE3
    Buffout Withdrawal 00033066
    Burning Explosion 000A73D7
    BurningNormal 00060C12
    BurningNormalSkin 00061DE1
    Charisma Boost 000630E8
    Concussion 0006533A
    Crit. Rad Poison 00032DED
    Cyborg 00031D8D
    Daddy's Boy (1) 0004494B
    Daddy's Boy (2) 0004494C
    Daddy's Boy (3) 0004494D
    Daddy's Girl (1) 00077789
    Daddy's Girl (2) 0007778A
    Daddy's Girl (3) 0007778B
    Deadly Rad Poison 00032DF0
    Disintegration 000BDA30
    Disintegration 0005C6C3
    EMP Disable 0005B148
    Enclave Eyebot Broadcast 0003E616
    Endurance Boost 000630E7
    Energy Weapons Boost 000630F5
    Explosives Boost 000630F6
    Fatal Rad Poison 000448E2
    Finesse (1) 00094EC0
    Galaxy News Broadcast Effect 000C0548
    Good Luck 000C34D1
    Good Water 00020517
    Gooification 00092C48
    Gun Nut (1) 0004494F
    Gun Nut (2) 00044950
    Gun Nut (3) 00044951
    Head Crippled 00067572
    Immune to Fire 000B7CC9
    Immune to Radiation 00060C16
    Imolation 00044AF6
    Impartial Mediation 00044CA3
    Improved Barter 000A5F23
    Improved Barter 000A5F21
    Improved Medicine 000A5F1E
    Improved Medicine 000A5F24
    Improved Repair 000A5F20
    Improved Repair 000A5F25
    Improved Science 000A5F1F
    Improved Science 000A5F26
    Improved Speech 000A5F22
    Improved Speech 000A5F27
    Intelligence Boost 000630F0
    Iron Fist (1) 00031DA0
    Iron Fist (2) 00031DA1
    Iron Fist (3) 00031DA2
    Jet Withdrawal 00033067
    Kamikaze 00094EC3
    Lethal Water 00020D76
    Life Giver (1) 00031D88
    Life Giver (2) 00031D8A
    Life Giver (3) 00031D8B
    Little Leaguer (1) 00031D9F
    Little Leaguer (2) 00044949
    Little Leaguer (3) 0004494A
    Lockpick Boost 000630F8
    Luck Boost 000630F2
    Med-X Withdrawal 0002AE29
    Medicine Boost 000630F9
    Melee Weapons Boost 000630FA
    Mentats Withdrawal 00033063
    Mesmetron Migraine 0001E004
    Minor Rad Poison 00032DEE
    More Burning 0001DEA8
    Nectar Withdrawal 0005E2AD
    Nerd Rage! 00044CA4
    Night Person 00094EBE
    Ninja 0007B201
    Paralyzing Palm 0006B20B
    Perception Boost 000630E6
    Poison 0004D844
    Poison 0004D843
    Poison 0006B20E
    Poison Immunity 0007D4F3
    Psycho Withdrawal 00033064
    Purified Water 000B878F
    Qtm. Cola Withdrawal 0009ADE7
    Rad Poisoning 0009ADE8
    Rad Resistance 00031D85
    Rad. Limb Healing 0006F5A2
    Radiation Burst 0006191A
    Radiation Healing 000617BE
    Radiation Resistance 000617BD
    Radiation Resistance 0006E770
    Repair Boost 000630FB
    Sawbones' Precision 000BD074
    Science Boost 000630FC
    Scoundrel (1) 00044CA5
    Scoundrel (2) 00044CA1
    Scoundrel (3) 00044CA2
    Sharpshooter 0005C6B9
    Silent Running 00031D8C
    Size Matters (1) 0009982F
    Size Matters (2) 00099830
    Size Matters (3) 00099831
    Sly Wasteland Survival Assistant 0006F59E
    Sly Wasteland Survival Expert 0006F599
    Sly Wasteland Survival Guru 0006F594
    Small Guns Boost 000630FD
    Smart Wasteland Survival Assistant 0006F5A0
    Smart Wasteland Survival Expert 0006F59B
    Smart Wasteland Survival Guru 0006F596
    Sneak Boost 000630FE
    Snide Wasteland Survival Assistant 0006F59D
    Snide Wasteland Survival Expert 0006F598
    Snide Wasteland Survival Guru 0006F593
    Solar Powered 00031D94
    Speech Boost 000630FF
    Stealth Boy Invis Spell 0007E474
    Stealth Shield 0008AF5C
    Strength Boost 000630E5
    Suit Med-X 0006CABE
    Terrible Water 00020D77
    Thief (1) 00031D92
    Thief (2) 00031D95
    Thief (3) 00031D9B
    Tough Wasteland Survival Assistant 0006F59F
    Tough Wasteland Survival Expert 0006F59A
    Tough Wasteland Survival Guru 0006F595
    Toughness 00031D7D
    Ultrajet Withdrawal 000C9CF5
    Unarmed Boost 00063100
    Wasteland Survival Assistant 0006F5A1
    Wasteland Survival Expert 0006F59C
    Wasteland Survival Guru 0006F597
    WaterBreathing 0005876C
    Well Rested 00062696
    Well Rested 00062697
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