Fable Legends Will Be Free To Play Says Lionhead Studios

Bullet Feb 26, 2015

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    Lionhead Studios are certainly the bearers of good news the past couple of days. First come the announcement of a Public Beta "Coming Soon" for the upcoming cooperative role-playing video game, Fable Legends.

    Today the developers dropped another bombshell to delight fans of the Fable series, the game will be 'Free To Play' which means anyone can simply download and play the latest installment in the Fable series.


    Every element of the game will be totally free say the developers in a recent announcement on the official Fable Legends website. There will be no 'Pay To Win' features in the game, everything must be earned through gameplay. "If you want to get a high level character in Fable, thats great, you have to earn it." Says a developer for the game.

    Fable is currently in a closed Beta stage which you can register for by signing up here. The Beta is set to go public soon.

    It's good to see Lionshead taking this 'Free To Play' approach to Fable Legends, it will give the title more of community feel, and add longevity to the game.
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    Its going to be a Turkey anyway, MS should shut down Lionhead Studios
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    So can't wait for this :)
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    Free-To-Play enough said!

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