Fable Legends Open Beta Coming Soon

Bullet Feb 26, 2015

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    Good news chicken chasers! Fable Legends looks set to get an open Beta "Soon Enough" according to a recent Tweet by Lionheads Social Media Coordinator, Lauran Carter.

    In a response to one of many frustrated Fable fans wondering how long before the closed beta for the upcoming title becomes public, Carter replied "There will be an open beta soon enough though :)"


    The game developers have been receiving a bit of stick via Twitter over the closed Beta for Fable, and the release dates for the game. The news of a public beta will no doubt cheer some of the unhappy gamers up.

    There is still no word of a release date as of yet, and when the representative for Lionshead was quizzed on Twitter about it the response was simply" Later this year is all I can say."

    The upcoming cooperative role-playing video game developed by Lionhead Studios will be free to play and playable across both Windows and Xbox One platforms. Fable Legends is the latest installment in the Fable series of video games, and is set to release later in the year.
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