Fable III - Scimitar Of Baron Slaying +3 OUT OF QUEST

ValidSpider Jul 28, 2013

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    Ok, so I know Fable III has been out for ages now and its recently become free to download on the Xbox marketplace which was the first I got to play of it.
    Anyway I came across a quest called 'The Game' where these three nerds use a magical orb to shrink you so you can play there little game of Hallows and Hobbes.
    During the quest you are given a unique sword (Scimitar Of Baron Slaying +3) which you have to use to slay the baron in the quest.
    This is all fine and dandy until you realise that as soon as you defeat the Baron and the quest finishes, the sword is no longer in your inventory and is never obtainable again. This annoyed me because I like to collect items in games and nothing is worse than having items taken from you.
    So I spent a while using various mods and save editors to try and get this sword out of the quest and...
    I DID IT!! it is fully usable on all enemies in the game and the more enemies you kill with it the higher the value of it gets to. Despite that, it cannot be sold or gifted to other players so iv got it for good.

    So far I believe I am the FIRST and ONLY person to figure this out, which I find really strange as it was simple for me to do

    SOO I'm willing to mod this weapon for anyone who has pre-ordered fable 3 or used a code to get any of these weapons

    The Absolver (Hammer)
    The Channeler (Sword)
    The Inquisitor (Sword)
    Shardborne (Sword)

    This will WILL NOT require account details, I have found a way to transfer DLC weapons using start-up saves so all I will ask you to do is to start a new game with a new hero and save outside the castle as soon as you have chosen one of the two outfits that jasper offers you. Then use a USB to get the save to your computer and email it to me.
    This can also be where you send me your save that you want TSOBS+3 sword on, so that I can mod it in for you.

    Message me if your interested and I assure you this is fully legit, I wont release this trick so anyone who does get this sword from me will be one of the few people in the WORLD who have it outside the quest.

    Info about the sword:

    - It does 76 damage which cannot be changed by upgrading
    - The value of it seems to increase the more enemies you kill with it, which means it can potentially be your most valuable weapon, mine is currently valued at 2225000 gold :0 NOTE: this doesn't mean much as it cannot be sold.
    - It works on all enemies outside of the quest INCLUDING Poison Balverines and Fire Hollowmen from traitors keep DLC.
    - It will automatically have the upgrades 'Know-it-all' and 'Space Geek' unlocked and the final upgrade 'Oh, the irony' has yet to be unlocked by anybody, wiki says its having a Gamerscore of over 25,000 but I do and the upgrade remains locked with an empty progress bar. SO to the lucky people who get this sword, if you find a way of unlocking the upgrade, please let me know :)

    Hope to see some dedicated Fable players consider this :)

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