Preview F1 Race Stars Power-Ups Vids Go Off Like a Bottle Rocket

Rocky Nov 13, 2012

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    F1 Race Stars is out this week, so to mark the occasion Codemasters has chucked a couple of new trailers our way, showing off a couple of the game's nutty power-ups that include the tables-turning Bottle Rocket. Boosting you ahead of the pack, the Bottle Rocket can be invaluable if you're lagging at the back in 12th place.

    Then there's the KERS, designated on corners by sparkly blue arrows that enable you to charge up your KERS battery. Pump the accelerator three times to charge up each sector of the battery then let go, and you'll get a nice little speed boost coming out of a corner.

    Take a look at both F1 Race Stars power-up trailers below to see the Bottle Rocket and KERS in action, then look out for the game's release in North America today and in Europe on Friday, November 16th. We'll have our review for you later today.

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