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Evolve Info Blowout !

XPG Darkside Jan 9, 2014

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    Evolve developer Turtle Rock recently unveiled its next-gen co-op shooter in the pages of Game Informer.

    More details have emerged from the issue, covering the way aliens evolve, class abilities and more.

    The game's human classes are Medic, Assault, Support and Trapper, as we reported yesterday; they'll go toe to claw, head to maw with an enormous, evolving, player- or AI-controlled beast known, imaginatively enough, as the Goliath.

    The Assault class is obviously built to deal damage, and is armed with a personal shield, proximity mines and two weapons - seemingly, an assault rifle for ranged combat and a lightning rifle for up-close punishment.

    The Medic gets an area effect health-restoring ability, plus a sniper rifle and a gun that zaps another player full of hitpoints, or revives him or her from KO.

    Support players can call in an orbital laser barrage, and are able to project shields onto allies. Trappers, finally, must slow the monster down using a harpoon gun, and can wall off areas using a mobile arena of sorts - they also pack SMGs for close encounters.

    All these classes have jetpacks, which allow them to boost dodge out of harm's way, and can acquire perks by killing AI wildlife. There are a number of variations on each class, with more details to follow.

    And the Goliath?

    It begins each match with the ability to leap huge distances and scale surfaces, but can evolve into a more powerful form by eating other native critters.

    You'll receive two new special abilities the first time you evolve, and one per level afterwards.

    Evolving entails entering a cocoon, which obviously leaves you open to attack.

    Goliath abilities include the fairly self-explanatory Charge Attack, Leap Attack, Rock Throw and Fire Breath. The creature's final form is over 30 feet tall.

    It's possible there will be other breeds of player-controlled monster, but Turtle Rock has yet to reveal all on this count.

    Certain of the world's wildlife are as hazardous as the Goliath.

    Hunters will need to watch out for carnivorous plants - if you're caught by one, you'll need help to escape - and packs of Trap Jaws, which are a hybrid of dog and dinosaur.

    There are also huge Sloths, which are docile till provoked.

    Before you can slay the Goliath, you'll obviously have to find it by following trails of footprints, and listening out for the sound of disturbed wildlife.

    In particular, there are plants known as Spotters that emit a sound when something moves near to them. Extrapolating a little, I'd imagine some hunts will come down to working out which animals the Goliath needs to eat in order to access the best upgrades, then staking out that animal's habitat.

    Matches are said to last around 10-15 minutes.

    Guns have unlimited ammo but are defined by cool-down and other attributes.

    Humans can also stun the alien with tranquillizer guns and each bear jetpacks.

    If you double-tap the jetpack button you perform a dodge move, while running is automatic.

    They’ll need to dodge, seeing as ‘Goliath’, the first revealed alien, will grow to 30-feet tall in its final evolution. It’s been called a hybrid of ape, snake and xenomorph.

    At first it can punch humans and climb walls, but will get to choose two new skills at evolution level one, then one more with each level gained.

    There is much more to be revealed, so stay tuned for move Evolve coverage soon.

    What do you think so far?

    Source OXM
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