EPIC's new game to be revealed at the PS4 Midnight Launch

Bullet Nov 2, 2013

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    Mark Rein is the Vice President and Co Founder of EPIC games and recently on his twitter, he posted a count-down to the PS4 midnight launch, seemed reasonable enough, but then Geoff Keighley announced a GTTV that would be announcing a ton of new PS4 games at the midnight launch and this tied into Mark Rein's previous Tweet and the exact same time. Not to mention Mark Rein "Retweeted" Geoff's Tweet about the GTTV Show and I checked his previous Tweets, he never Retweeted any of Geoff's Tweets about GTTV in the past, how very interesting. Now this doesn't mean EPIC's next game will be a PS4 exclusive, but it's a possibility, considering the fact that Phil Spencer confirmed EPIC aren't working with Microsoft in Podcast Unlocked.


    Could we see Gears of War 4 on a Playstation platform? That would cause a massive sh*tstorm on the Internet, I can see NeoGaf exploding now, but I'd love to see a New IP, but as far as I know, I'm excited and I cannot wait for the PS4 midnight launch #Greatness

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    they announced fortnite wonder what else they got in store

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