Earth Defense Force 2017 - Inferno complete only(not weapons)

underachiever Sep 4, 2012

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    Hello everyone.
    I know there is a well known 1k save out there but that one pops the weapons cheevo right after the mission is complete. That makes it seem out of order. There's another save set out there for easy/normal/hard.... then get's completed with the before mentioned.
    I'm looking for one that has all stages on Inferno BUT hasn't had all weapons found. That way I we can pop the difficulty levels on diff dates, then pop the weapons cheevo on it's own days later.

    Can someone Mod a save like that?

    I know there's a so-called edf mod tool up here from pope, but that doesn't work either, he couldn't even help me out as he didn't test it himself.

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