EA announces WP7 gaming arsenal

Bezza Oct 14, 2010

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    Xbox Live is ready to explode onto WP7 devices

    If Windows Phone 7 is to make a dent on the likes of iOS and Android, gaming is clearly going to be one of the main ways it’s going to do it.

    After all, in the Xbox LIVE gaming hub Microsoft offers something that neither Apple nor Google can match at this point. But it’s the games that matter, and today one of the biggest names in the games business – EA Games – has let us know just what games we’ll be rocking on the Xbox WP7-style in the months to come.

    Among the headline titles to look forward to are The Sims 3, Need for Speed Undercover, Tetris and Monopoly, and naturally there will be plenty more besides once you’ve had your fill with the big-name blockbusters.

    “Together EA and Microsoft have created some of the definitive console games of this generation, and we’re excited to bring that powerful alliance to Windows Phone 7,” said Ron Pessner, general manager of Microsoft’s Xbox Live mobile division.

    A good number of other studios are also lined up to provide games for Windows Phone 7, which – in case you need the reminder – officially lands on October 21.

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