Ea Announces Extensive Fifa 13 Pre-Order Incentives

XPGBuSh Jun 27, 2012

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    EA has announced what it is calling the "most extensive global pre-order incentive in the history of the FIFA franchise".

    FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition will be available for one day only on 28 September 2012, the day on which FIFA 13 is released.

    So what do you get if you conscientiously pre-order or run out to the shops in late September with wild abandon? Well, you get one FIFA Ultimate Team pack per week for 24 weeks, which equates to over £15 in extra content. Each pack contains 12 items, from players to stadiums, balls and kits. All players bundled will have a rating of 75 and over, and each pack will also contain one "rare item", such as enhanced player attributes and the "most coveted players".

    But that's not all folks. There are two more pre-order incentives in the shape of EA Sports Football Club pre-order and adidas All-Star Team pre-order. Football Club is available to those who order through Amazon, and will let players claim in-game items such as special celebrations, Virtual Pro attribute boosts, and extra matches in Head-to-Head Seasons mode. Meanwhile, the adidas All-Star Team pre-order is available to those who order through GAME. The eponymous All-Star team will be unlocked, consisting of the world's 23 best players, including new cover-star Lionel Messi (he's quite good).
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