Dying Light About To Get Hardcore In Free Update

Bullet Feb 12, 2015

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    Techland are already looking at ways of adding longevity to their recently released open-world Zombie game for all players, not just season pass holders via a series of free expansion packs.

    The first expansion pack that will roll out in March will add an all new 'Hard Mode' to the game. Dying Light's Hard Mode will make the game more difficult at nighttime by adding "more vicious" enemies and taking away some of the vital resources and supplies.

    This new mode will add a new dynamic to the game by requiring a stealthier approach to surviving the night. We feel for this mode to work Techland need to address the duplication glitch in the game which allows players to duplicate any items in the game up to 9999999.

    Techland did mention that they plan to make "many improvements" to gameplay in the Free March update, although the developers did not elaborate on any specifics.
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