DriveClub Update Arrives Next Week

Nasyr Jan 17, 2015

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    The DriveClub HQ had continued to give us little sneak peeks of which are making us very anxious. Recently they have been showing little peeks of maps in which are freely being added to the game next week. They have released a video which gives a brief run through of a race and a look at the track. Advancing into multiple turns and much needed control of the steering wheel. If you think you got the game in the bag, just wait till you get to playing on this map. Also Evolution, states that the Caterham 500 will be included in the Apex Expansion pack.


    After having a look at the video, it seems the turning mechanisms will be harder on this one of three maps. You see them trade places a lot of taking the lead in the game, much to be expected, this map is very hard. But a recent comment by Evolution stated that they're still working on getting private lobbies up and running, as well as improving the server performance of which stands on PS. They are teasing us practically, so expect to see some new updates and items added to the near in near times.​
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