Dragon Age Inquisition Patch 5

Nasyr Feb 23, 2015

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    For people that have taken notice of Dragon Age 2 and then Dragon Age: Inquisition, you would take notice of the variety of differences between both of these games that really set them apart. Things such as Black Emporium, Party Storage, Tinter Options, New Auto-Attack Key And More. Many complaints and requests really have taken notice with BioWare. They have implemented those many things I mentioned above, all into this new Patch 5. This update should be the the real turning table for the game in general and the gaming experience for everyone else that is playing it. Not only is that something really nice but, it's possibly a way to push Dragon Age: Inquisition to the next level, and possibly grow it's community ti an even higher place of numbers.

    Here are the updates:

    -The Black Emporium: A mysterious underground shop owned by an immortal proprietor which appeared in the previous game via DLC. Here, the Inquisitor can purchase items such as epic weapons, powerful accessories, new crafting materials and schematics to add the Inquisition.

    -Mirror of Transformation: It is found inside the Black Emporium which also appeared in the previous game. It will enable the player to change facial appearance and voice in “Dragon Age: Inquisition.”

    -Auto-attack Key: BioWare intends to support different play styles by adding an auto-attack key available for single-player mode only.

    -Graphics and Interface: Options to adjust subtitle size and a shader quality adjuster to the graphics settings.

    -Undercroft Party Storage: BioWare will add a party storage located at the Undercroft of Skyhold, allowing players to keep items for later use.

    -Tinter Option: It allows crafting materials to be used to change the color of armors materials to be used to change the color of armors.
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