Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Challenge

Nasyr Jun 27, 2015

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    Dragon Age: Inquisition, as I stated in my other articles about this game.. It is a ever evolving game. It continues to grow and expand to new horizons with it's many reach outs to it's fans and it's constant supply of content. With the new weekend kicking off they have brought us another Multiplayer Challenge. This challenge is said to be a hard one with many different things to look for and pass through. This Challenge will last a weeks time which is a lot more time then given before. This weeks challenge will also be made up of a bunch of previous challenges that this game has had before. Many may say, "wow, complete the missions again." That's wrong. With it being a combination you will see an ecstatic set of things going on along with how they happen. Not so easy..

    The story behind the whole Challenge is quite intriguing. Many may have already saw it but, it reads "All hell is breaking loose in Thedas, and the Inquisition needs your help! From June 26 – July 6, you’ll be faced with a series of challenges: Survive matches without dying, accumulate match points, kill all manner of demons, Venatori, and red templars, slay dragons, and use every weapon you can get your hands on!" Some goals and challenges will only be exclusive to this weekend only as where others will go for the long week the challenge is going for. Better hurry on and try to complete these! ​
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