Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragon-Slaying Stats

Nasyr Jan 17, 2015

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    Dragon Age: Inquisition players have slain more than 2.6 million dragons so far, developer BioWare has announced via the image above, shared through the game's Twitter account. The developers of the game were for sure impressed at how far there game has come. They clearly had higher expectations to achieve but, they feel this was for sure a great place to start. As for the participation in the game and the skill they have seen people show on there game, there more then pleased with the results of it. Now to the fact that this game could be up for grabs as one of the new to take game of the year, or close to it.

    The graphic features a range of other data points, including:
    • 58 percent of all dragons were killed in Orlais
    • Most killed dragon? Fereldan Frostback
    • Least killed? That goes to three: Hivernal, The Kaltenzahn, and The Highland Ravager

    Not only is this something great for them but, they also started a big sale of there game. You can now pick up Dragon Age: Inquisition for $32. Now it is said to be taking on a major update to its gaming systems. Graphics content increased and more content to play or verse people on. Dragons will also be updated so, if you think it's easy now, just wait till you have one lunging at your face. Well, it's getting hot in here with all this dragon fire, leave comments below on what you think?
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